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Barack Obama: A Legacy in the Making

In Obamarama on 20/10/2010 at 16:27

Four or five years from now, when Barack Obama is showing Jimmy Carter how to saw a two-by-four for Habitat for Humanity, historians will be lying awake nights trying to figure out how to rewrite his legacy.

They will labor for long, intensive days under soft-white luminaires at Georgetown and Harvard and Columbia and Yale, wrestling with his non-materialized promises to bring a non-partisan, transparent presidency to Washington, close down Guantanamo, fix the broken economy and create jobs.  They will wonder aloud how they can blame Bush for Obama’s failed strategy in Afghanistan and how to minimize his indecisiveness in the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

They will work overtime trying to explain why African Americans, so supportive in his first bid for the White House, did not turn out to reelect him. There will be a paragraph on his failed attempt to bring parity for illegals in Arizona with a non-existent immigration policy.

They will devote a page to his Nobel Peace Prize, explaining how, without even a year in office, he accomplished so much that the Nobel committee simply had no other choice.

Some attention will be given to an out of control media, who refused to give the President credit for his accomplishments; hard-hitting interviews by Brian Williams and Larry King and Harry Smith will be cited.   Fox News will be ignored, except when mentioning the biases of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and the hiring of Sarah Palin to attack Obama’s every move.

In the end, they will, one by one, gloss over his failures as Chief Executive, and cover his astounding rise to power ad nauseam, finally concluding that a racially tinged group of rabble-rousers turned public opinion against him.  No doubt they will find white space to interlock his photograph alongside Dr. Martin Luther King’s.

He will be honored at the Kennedy Center and given awards by leftist front groups, and when they run out of awards, they will create more.  MTV or BET will air an annual Barack Obama Awards program and we’ll all be treated to Paul McCartney’s sappy renditions of former Beatles songs.

By sometime around mid 2020, their work will be accomplished.  Barack Obama will shine as the First African American President.  The embarrassments of his failed presidency will be buried deep beneath his post-presidential accomplishments and he will easily move into the elder-statesman status every president except Jimmy Carter has enjoyed.  Or Not.

This will all be going on, you understand, while the next Chief Executive is burning the midnight oil trying to work the country out of the mess Obama has made.  And while George W. Bush and Barack tour the country, having put politics aside, for their joint cause célèbre.



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