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Barack Obama: The Affirmative Action President – A Study in Incompetency.

In Civil Lefts, Harvard Math, Obamarama on 12/10/2010 at 18:17

Editor’s Note: The latest essay my series on my 20-year-long friendship with avant-garde rock icon Captain Beefheart, entitled “Captain Beefheart: Strange Fire” is now published on Associated Content. Check it out.

Barack Obama will go down in American history as the president who acted swiftly and decisively in his first three months in office. And whose every decision was precisely the wrong one in the early days of a recession that could have been stemmed, but may now go down in history more accurately as a depression. Looks like a recession, feels like a depression. Jimmy Carter’s stock will rise in the wake of this President’s departure from office.

When I look back on the primary cycle of 2008, it is now clear to me what happened here. There is a mindset in Washington that you and I cannot comprehend. It, in a sense, makes even the finest among our politicians dishonest because they know that you are not aware of the power structure in that city—the way things get done—and they do not have the courage to tell you about it.

It is how PC madness has been folded into the vast fabric of government to the point that a Nidal Malik Hasan not only can be admitted into our armed services, but also be educated at taxpayer expense and promoted in the face of mounting evidence that he has been radicalized. That is PC insanity at it wackiest extreme and what is scarier is that Hasan’s terrorist attack at Fort Hood has changed nothing in the way Washington does business.

This is Obama’s fault only in the sense that it is the same mentality that got him the Democratic nomination in the first place, when absolutely everyone knew he possessed none of the qualifications to be president. Barak Hussein Obama is the affirmative action president. He was put forth because he was an “electable” black man. Nothing in his resume even hinted that he was qualified for the job; he had no voting record in the Senate and no background in either business or politics to recommend him.

With the disposition of Bill Clinton’s impeachment for lying to a federal grand jury during the 1990s, it is hard to imagine any situation that could get a president removed from office short of an unprovoked nuclear attack on Tahiti. Clinton was without question guilty of the charges.

In a perfect world, however, Obama should be impeached and removed from office; he is inept, and has not effectively governed since the day he took the oath. Let me be clear. There is no criterion for redress by the American people when it comes to recognizing they were fooled into electing a fraud. And Obama is probably not guilty any crime.

Therein, as the Bard said, is the rub. Short of impeachment there is no other way to get rid of the guy for the duration of his term, and even then the DNC and Democrats at large have a huge problem.

The same PC mindset that wrangled Obama the nomination now makes it impossible for his party to dump him in 2012. The Democrats have, and in 2008 had, a potentially winning candidate in Hillary Clinton, but the disingenuous liberal-think of the left couldn’t resist putting forth a candidate who “looked right.” Instead, what they got was a child in a man’s 42 Long. He blames others for his incompetency and cannot get past the idea that people are picking on him.

Now their party is in tatters and they are at a loss as to how to recover.

If Hillary Clinton decides to challenge Obama in 2012, as I believe she will, she runs the danger of splitting the party right down the middle. And questions remain as to even her qualifications.

Prior to her elevation to State, Clinton had no executive experience, either. Her record in the State Department is spotty at best—her State Department mishandled the Christmas Bomber episode miserably—and she has her own record of corruption and shenanigans dating back to Travel Gate.

As a Sarah Palin supporter, I am keenly aware of the attacks being leveled at the former Alaska governor, the loudest of which seems to hinge on some perceived lack of experience. Yet the argument doesn’t wash. Palin has executive experience dating back to her term as mayor of Wasilla.

But my intention is not to put Palin forth here. I do however question the intellectual honesty of anyone—especially any Democrat—who wishes to disqualify the Governor on that basis; Barack Obama had absolutely no experience.

Over the span of the twentieth century it is hard to find an American president who was unqualified to hold office. Jimmy Carter had executive experience as governor of Georgia but he ranks high on my list of truly incompetent presidents. But Barack Obama is wholly unqualified and the mess he leaves behind when we finally get rid of him will be ours to clean up. It is a disastrous mess.

It is time for America to take a good long look at itself. We have become a nation of rubber stamps and it has allowed subversive elements that should have never risen above middle management to gain control of our political parties and our government.

And we better clean it up now, because this nation cannot withstand another ruinous presidency.


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