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Inside the Mother Ship: Why the Democrats Are Losing Washington

In Obamarama on 07/09/2010 at 07:02

Barack Obama’s first term literacy campaign is failing miserably. In 19 months the Democratic Party and the Presidents advisors in the White House still cannot read polls well enough to understand that their daily stonings of the Tea Party movement and its frontline generals aren’t working.

With Obama’s poll numbers now within range of making George W. Bush a rock star, the President seems at a loss to recognize that his policies are not gelling with the American people. One of two things can be wrong here: Either Obama’s advisors are vacationing on the dark side of the moon, or he is unmanageable.

Over the past 60 years the Democratic Party has masterfully managed to use the American media to its advantage in disseminating its message. Democrats win elections on hot-button issues such as jobs, Social Security, Medicare and taxing fat corporations; class warfare is their stock and trade.

Yet, at what most economists are calling the tail end of one of the worst recessions in memory, the White House has almost solely concentrated its efforts on tearing down its detractors, while ignoring a strategy that instills hope in American voters.

It seems that the Democrats are now resigned to a fallback position. They are redirecting vital campaign dollars to save the few seats in Congress they believe they can still win in the fall. This in anyone lexicon is defined as a bunker mentality.

What this president and his staff fail to comprehend is that with just a tiny bit of leadership, most Americans were willing to walk off a cliff for him. Not this American but most. Instead, he has spent a year and a half making “W” look desirable.

Regardless of who is to blame here, in a word, Barack Hussein Obama is a public relations nightmare. Captain Queeg didn’t have a bigger persecution complex than this guy at the Caine Mutiny courts marshal.

Today the President, in working his humorous lambast of Republicans in Congress, once again went off TelePrompTer and deteriorated into another diatribe that is sounding more and more like whining, when he said the opposition, “talk about me like a dog.”

This is almost comic relief for a nation in economic crisis. Sunday, the day before Mr. Obama threw his pity party to union members in Milwaukee, his top political advisor, David Plouffe, whined that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin were leading the charge to pick on the President. I’ve placed a box of tissues at the bottom of the page.

If I may be so bold, I would like to address President Obama directly for a moment.

Mr. Obama, man up and stop acting like a schoolyard fag. Sarah Palin could kick your ass. When you defeated John McCain and were sworn into office in January 2009, did you think you won an all-expenses-paid vacation to Cancun? You are leader of the free world.

You are President of the United States, criticism comes with the job. When was the last time you asked Mitch McConnell or John Boehner to a working lunch at the White House? Roll up your sleaves and go to work. What is wrong with you? You are embarrassing yourself.

I know you never knew your father, but you had a grandfather who fought in World War II. Didn’t the guy teach you anything about being a man? Stop being such a wuss.

What I mean is, can’t we all just get along?

  1. I think he was never said no to in his life…..as someone else said , he has an ego as big as a house…..the man is so thin skinned and he can’t hide it….very stupid but as bad as that everyone around him is obvioously stupid or like you said he won’t listen to anyone…..either way it is bad for the dems….

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