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Is It Me, or is Al Sharpton Bitter? Glenn Beck Trounces a Charlatan Past His Prime

In Can You Hear Me Now? on 31/08/2010 at 17:57

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Over the weekend I watched in shock and horror as thousands of Americans from all walks of life gathered on the mall at the Lincoln Memorial and screamed racial epithets, profaned the memory of Martin Luther King and decried 50 years of integration.

They were led by Al Sharpton.

Well, of course none of that happened, but Sharpton’s rally wasn’t a pretty sight. It was a last-ditch effort (3,000 strong) for the Slim-Fast-thinned charlatan to keep a tired, flagging civil rights movement devoid of purpose afloat in post 2008-election United States.

I didn’t see Tawana Brawley but she must have been there somewhere. Tawana converted to Islam just in time to shout the Muslim call to prayer when the WTC towers were coming down.

Next door to Sharpton, Glenn Beck had amassed roughly a half million Americans of his own and carried on a non-racial, non-political and—let’s face it—uneventful event the likes of which has only been seen five other times in D.C. history.

The Washington Post, Huffington Post, MSNBC, Associated Press and CBS informed us that event garnered about 87,000 people, after they cropped their aerial shots of a crowd that ended somewhere near Richmond, Virginia. Beck, no stranger to the mainstream media (better known as the Barack Obama press corps), cleverly had his own people take a shot from the Washington Monument.

On an up note, the President informed Brian Williams that he has found the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy we’ve all been looking for since Hillary Clinton outted it during the 1990s. It was on the Washington mall last Saturday.

What have we learned from all of this? Well, in a nutshell, nothing new. We have learned that racists in a America must by definition be white, Christians are dangerous, Sarah Palin is stupid because she prays, the President has actually found his birth certificate (it was plastered on his forehead all along), and that Glenn Beck is a liar.

We learned that Alveda King is somehow less black and less King because she joined with Glenn Beck. We learned that in order to be legitimately black in America one must be liberal and subscribe to abortion, gay marriage and the Washington Post.

The New York Times informed us (on page 15) that the Restoring Honor rally was enormous, overtly religious (shame of shames), and anti-progressive.

We learned that Freedom of the Press can be corrupted when it falls into the hands of dishonest ideologues.


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