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That Ain’t No Baptist Church He’s Building

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 14/08/2010 at 16:54

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The first thing the Left does whenever a controversy arises over their nutso passivity when it comes to Islam is to say something like, “George Bush did it first.” As if George the Junior somehow represents all things conservative or that he even is a conservative.

Being frank here: George Walker Bush was the best we had to offer; he was not a conservative by a long stretch; he presided over the biggest spending, most out of control Republican Party since Ike, he is a progressive and anyone who listens to a half hour interview with that overly hair spayed twit he’s married to—this is how you identify a progressive, check out the spouse—knows it. A good and decent man, but a classic bungler nonetheless.

There, I got that out. That’s me being frank.

Let’s suppose for a moment that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a patriotic Arab American who really believes the 9-11 attacks were “un-Islamic” and declares it vociferously, whenever he’s sure that another Muslim who might stuff a grenade down his shorts isn’t within earshot. Let’s just suppose for a moment.

Let’s also suppose that the fact that George W. Bush’s State Department sent him to the Middle East with several shiploads of coveted Levi 501s, tons of Coors brewskis (which only Saudi sheiks and other Arab potentates can drink without getting stoned to death), Mac laptops, and even more coveted Beatles Anthology CDs. And that the red, white and blue Imam had a gloriously successful speaking tour of Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Jordan, in which he converted a few hundred thousand otherwise American-hating jihadists to moderate Islam.

So what? Does that make what he’s doing in Manhattan okay?

Of course Imam Rauf does not believe the 9-11 attacks were un-Islamic; he is like every other zipper-lipped Muslim—the ones who can’t bring themselves to say the “T-word”— who got up and danced the Balki “dance of joy” when the WTC towers came down.

He is, however, not nearly stupid enough to turn down an imbecilic Republican president’s offer of hundreds of thousands of dollars to travel Mecca Air first class on the State Department’s dime and love it up with the Jihad.

George W. Bush was obviously as stupid as the Imam was smart in that regard.

But I ain’t.

This Bronze Age throwback means to put his mosque in Lower Manhattan as a memorial to the jihadists who brought down the Twin Towers. He intends to make certain that five times a day until his messiah comes, Muslims kneel in that place to pray the dua qunoot, a prayer that Allah’s wrath will overtake infidels (meaning you and me and every Jew who was lucky enough not to be gassed and burned at Auschwitz), while the call to prayer echoes over Ground Zero.

It is time for the waning majority of Americans who still understand the exceptional history of this nation to wake up. The very thing, the exceptionalism that makes us the “Ugly American” to the Left, is dying off on the vine by the day.

The massive trade imbalance between this country and other nations of the world should be evidence enough that the United States has lost her savvy to negotiate, and right now we are engaged in a negotiation with an enemy that will destroy the very Judeo-Christian foundation of this nation.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a true believer; he believes in the strict application of Sharia law and he is determined to see it practiced in cities across this nation.

Even Republicans in Laguna Niguel can understand this; just read this exhaustively researched article. We will wait while you catch up.

There. Now we’re on the same page … I hope.

I have said and still say that I do not hate Muslims; I bear them no ill will whatsoever as long as they have neither AK-47s slung over their shoulders or vests packed with C-4 strapped around their bodies.

This is my only problem with Muslims: We never know, because you do not speak out against these monsters or their atrocities. And on the rare occasions in which you issue any statement about them at all, you parse it down with outrageous lies like: “Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.”

I don’t care where Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is getting his funding for his Ground Zero Mosque. If I assume, as do morons like Alan Colmes, Chris Matthews, Michael Bloomberg and a plethora of other idiot progressives, that the Imam merely wants to “build a bridge” in the wake of this unspeakable atrocity, he is at the very least insensitive.

Ground Zero is sacred ground for all patriotic Americans. It is the grave of 2,752 Americans who died horrible deaths on September 11, 2001.

We would not tolerate any similar action by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, and if we know what is good for us, we will not tolerate it here. The Ground Zero Mosque represents a point-of-no-return-moment for America.

It represents the very moment at which we will no longer be able to distinguish our enemies from our friends.

  1. Very well said, the mosque will be a memorial to those muslims that took down the towers….too bad many conservatives cannot get a spine and really say what it is rather than being PC.
    The pres. and his cohorts use the constitution when it suits there agenda and when it doesn’t they ignore it…
    This mosque is not about the constitution it is about what is morally right, they can build it somewhere else however, they already have 100 mosques in NY the Imam could join up with one of them. do they really have enough worshipping muslims in NY to support 100 churches?
    A Greek Orthodox church has been trying to get approval to rebuild
    their church in NY to no avail, so far. So what happened to their rights?
    The Japanese would not think of building anything next to Pearl Harbor.
    The US and the world has gone nuts…I hope we are not at the “point of no return” but when you have a Bloomburg and other progressive leaders sticking their head in the sand, to be PC, one has to wonder…. It may be the death of Us….

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