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Marginalization and How It Can Destroy Conservatism

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One of the most effective techniques use buy the New Left—that is the tres chic little Manhattan commies who hijacked the Democratic Party in the 1960s—is Marginalization.  One reason for their very successful use of marginalizing is that the mainstream media has been carrying their water for 40 years.

One of the first successful marginalization campaigns, one that even predates the New Left, was the attack on Joseph McCarthy, who uprooted communists in the State Department during the 1950s.  Most of us grew up with that one and think automatically that McCarthy was a modern-day Cotton Mather, burning innocent U.S. citizens at the public stake.

No.  The commies were there. They gave away the Hydrogen Bomb to Russia.

Another campaign that was successful were the media rewrite of Ollie North after the Iran-Contra Hearing; North walked away from those hearings with a 90% approval rating.  Within a year, the media had burned him to the ground.  Nancy Reagan even jumped on the dog pile.  Why to Republican presidents always marry up with emaciated, big mouthed, brain-dead liberals?

The New Left successfully broasted Dan Quayle in the 1990s by branding him a complete idiot, and, faithfully, most Republicans bought it, much they way many are buying into the smear campaign on Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann right now.

The way to identify a marginalizing assault for what it is, is to know what frightens the Left.  They only attack what scares them.  In 1979, they went after Reagan with a vengeance not seen since Lincoln began his run for president in 1859.  While it later worked on Quayle, it was an enormous flop against the Great Communicator.

One way to marginalize a conservative is to paint them as either extreme or stupid.  This is done by the constant thrumming of the same negative message, day-after-day, by mainstream media outlets and late night comedians, and is extremely effective.

In Palin’s case—as with Reagan before her—it has not worked.  As unrefined in the ways of New York media-speak the Governor might be, only an idiot could believe she is an idiot.  In spite of one of the most orchestrated smear campaigns in history her numbers continue to inch upward.

Although marginalization is most effective when it’s people-focused the Left also levels this gun at ideals.  Conservative ideas scare liberals, even more than right wing politicians.  Right now the Left is trying to paint the Tea Party movement as racist.  It has made some inroads, but my guess is that this one will attack succeed either.

Here is the prescription for combating Marginalization tactics by the Left:

Remain conviction focused:  personal tastes are subjective but message is not.  If you know what you believe, personality will have little effect on how you vote.  Newt Gingrich has big hair and an obnoxious voice, but are his conservative principals in tact?

Mitt Romney looks presidential and has the business acumen to lead a country, but his conservatism is wholly dependant on the neighborhood he’s running in; in Massachusetts he instituted a disastrous big government health care monstrosity.  That is not conservative.

Palin is pretty but folksy and that doesn’t appeal to personality-oriented voters.  Warning, especially to all you Baby-On-Board progressives in Laguna Niguel: this is why conservatives in the Midwest hate your guts—you’re snobs.

As conservatives our ideology is clear.  It is our mandate in electing leaders.  True conservatives vote policy not personality.


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