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Judge to Arizona: Viva La Reconquista!

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Civil Lefts on 29/07/2010 at 17:22

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As flawed as Judge Susan Bolton’s decision was yesterday, it may be a blessing in disguise for the United States, if not Arizona. The rationales the judge employed to support her decision were so obviously political that one cannot help but wonder if there is a federal czarship in her future.

Although I do believe the Supreme Court will eventually uphold Arizona SB1070 the purpose of its initial intent has been served.

The backlash from yesterday’s ruling will be ringing in the Democrat’s ears long after Election Day 2010, and will most likely cost Obama the White House in 2012. Americans are about as fed up with illegal immigration as with any issue I can recall in my lifetime. This is one issue that will not fade into obscurity when the New York Times moves on to exploring the mating habits of Greenwich Village gays.

While I don’t question the motives behind SB1070, I have to believe that its author, Arizona Senator Russell Pearce had to realize the political advantage of its failure, should the judge roll that way.

One reason elected congressional representatives in Washington have avoided fixing immigration for 30 years is their shameless pandering for Hispanic votes; but in the process they have misread the mounting anger within the ranks of the largest minority in the country—white guys.

Jan Brewer has come from relative obscurity, even in Arizona, to national prominence almost overnight. The Governor, who ascended to office after Janet Napolitano became Homeland Security secretary, has a 19-point lead over here Democrat opponent and will undoubtedly be “point man” in Arizona’s plight, all the way to the High court.

Listen carefully because you will not see this on the nightly news: Hispanics making all the noise in Arizona right now are out numbered three to one in this fight. CBS and even Fox News will show you La Raza-led banner waivers in the streets night after night, but America has made up her mind on this issue. It is not and never has been a racial issue. Mexicans and Americans have been crossing our southern borders without papers for 150 years.

The larger issue here is post 9-11 security but Americans are also steamed about the never-ending tide of émigrés who are establishing legal rights where they should not exist. We are a benevolent people but we do not respond well to those who take advantage of our kindness.

Many Hispanic émigrés are coming into the U.S. for the sole purpose of establishing citizenship for babies yet unborn. They are called “anchor babies” and the process is called “baby dropping” and it gives illegals universal rights to a plethora of free services delved out by local and state governments, while we foot the bill.

Anytime I find myself agreeing with super RHINO Lindsey Graham I know I either have a fever or the South Carolina Republican forgot to take his moderate pill. Last night on Greta Van Susteren, Graham said that he was considering introducing a constitutional amendment to stop automatic citizenship.

Bravisimo Lindsey! Get that paper in the tube, dude.

Judge Bolton’s obvious political verdict in the SB170 case will come back to haunt Democrats in the fall election and beyond. Perhaps in the long term it will hurt Republicans with Hispanic voters, but it should give them incentive to fix immigration once and for all.

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