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A Question of Competency or Patriotism?

In Obamarama on 18/07/2010 at 20:01

Barack Obama is a very angry man. He grew up angry. During the course of his upbringing he was exposed to some of the most rancid thinking American society has to offer. His mother spewed her hatred for America from the time she was in high school, his grandfather placed him under the influence of pedophile-communist Frank Marshall Davis, and he learned at a tender age to despise this country’s form of government.

While most black Americans view him as an African American male, the President has neither history nor interest in the civil rights struggle of the 1960s, or of Afro-American politics in general. He is African but not African American. The best description would probably be African Indonesian.

He was coddled in his views into adulthood in liberal universities, and he joined the Trinity United Church of Christ because of them.  Obama may not be a racist but the indications are there when one considers the views of Jeremiah Wright, a man he has admitted to thinking of as “an uncle.”

Obama’s views on Israel and Jews in general—his obviously pro-Muslim leanings—fly in the face of modern Christianity, yet the media have diligently to this day run cover for him. Even Bill O’Reilly at Fox, who was in the best position to expose him during the 2008 campaign, simply could not believe that then Senator Obama could have such fetid and archaic opinions. But Black Liberation Theology is out in the open with its anti-Semitism and anti-White American rhetoric.

It is distasteful to say that an American president hates his country. Just as we have all been taught not to call another person a liar, to question one’s patriotism is serious business. In fact it is so incomprehensible that most Americans simply cannot believe it.  As a nation we have learned to by-and-large trust our government and it offends our sensibilities to believe that such a glitch could have occurred. We cannot have elected a radical extremist to the presidency.

But the question remains: Is it true?

In order to believe otherwise one would have to accept that this top-of-the-class Columbia-Harvard educated young man is completely incompetent. To believe that in 18 short months Barack Obama could take a serious downturn in the U.S. economy and turn it into a nightmarish mountain of debt and regulation by accident, further choking off private business and jobs, defies all rationality. Even the dumbest president has an advisor or two—no matter how ideological—who can see the ramifications of these actions.

No. Incompetency is not an issue here.

Start with the Justice Department: Obama’s buddy Eric Holder has turned the DOJ into an arm of the ACLU overnight. In the face of a public outcry he has dragged his feet in prosecuting the admitted 9-11 terrorists. He has ignored cases against domestic extremists like SEIU and the New Black Panther Party and marched ahead with prosecutions of Arizona and investigations of perceived civil rights violations by Whites.

Homeland Security: Rick Perry requested drone support on the Texas border years ago. This Administration dragged its feet for months before deploying even one, while cartel violence is spilling over the border with alarming regularity. Arizona is leaking like a sieve and Napolitano continues to maintain that the border is safer than ever.

State Department: Obama—and this goes directly to his anti-Semitic leanings—has gone out of his way to torpedo US-Israeli relations.  The climate between the two nations is at its coldest in history.
He has offended our greatest ally, Great Britain and created rancor where none previously existed.

Treasury: Incompetence?  You call it.   Timothy Geithner has been in charge of over $1 trillion and has yet to net one private-sector job.  His relationship with AIG in the Fannie Mae debacle was dubious when Obama nominated him.

Defense: Although Robert Gates’ credibility cannot be questioned, Obama’s prosecution of the Afghan War literally reeks of defeatism or an intentional waste of American lives and resources, take your pick.

Interior: For 40 long days the Administration either neglected or intentionally failed to commandeer the resources that could stave off much of the oil blowing out of the Deepwater Horizon well from reach vital wetlands and beaches on the Southern Coast.

Barack Obama has never been slow a day in his life: he is fast on the basketball court, has a lightning-quick wit, is fast on debating issues, and is arguably a rhetorical genius. Yet during the Christmas Day Bombing incident, the Deepwater spill, the Fort Hood Massacre, he has been spectacularly AWOL until the worst of the damage has been done. Why?

This president does not have an incompetence problem; he has a patriotism problem.

  1. Very insightful…..I have a friend that went to HS with Ann Dunham…..you’re right on

  2. It rather amazes me that so few people in the conservative media have investigated Ann Durham. She is the key to Barack’s whole political philosophy and her life is very revealing. She attempted to rid herself of America two times, and disdained it in just about everything she did during her short life.

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