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Once Upon a Liberal Time …

In Harvard Math on 14/07/2010 at 20:01

A while back a friend of mine was awakened in the middle of the night by noises in his front room. He lay momentarily paralyzed in his bed, his wife snoring softly next to him, his children in their rooms, much closer to the area where he had heard the noises.

My friend got out of bed and slipped to his bathrobe and slippers, and being a good liberal American, he didn’t own a gun.   He instead reached for his trusty Louisville Slugger, wondering only momentarily why again he didn’t believe in handguns.

He crept down the long dark hallway toward the stairway landing watching small flickers below, as though someone were smoking, and hearing the soft thrum of voices.  He remembered the scene in Get Shorty where Gene Hackman found John Travolta watching Rio Bravo in his living room.

My friend descended the stairs.   He peeked around the edge at the bottom, into the living room.  He was frightened and appalled by what he saw next.

His living room was filled with people he had never seen before in his life.   They were consuming packages of chips from his pantry, sandwiches and beer from his refrigerator.   One was smoking a joint from his personal stash that he had hidden from his 14 year old.

Most of them didn’t look dangerous, … well, one maybe a little bit.   Still, they were in his house, consuming his groceries and smoking his (he really needed to quit) dope.

My friend bolstered his courage, choked up on the bat and stepped out. “What are you doing in my house?” he exclaimed. “How did you get in here?  You’re trespassing!  Breaking and entering! You’re stealing my food.” My liberal friend doesn’t give a lot to charity.  That’s what taxes are for.

The short fellow sitting in his armchair, a man with kind brown eyes and a soft smile, looked up at my liberal friend. He seemed to be the spokesman.

“We are not trespassing, Señor,” he said.  “And the chips and beer were just lying there in plain sight.  They were free.  Manuel stumbled onto the marijuana.” He turned to Manuel, the one who looked the meanest. “He shouldn’t have taken it.”  He looked back at me.   “We are a law abiding people.”

Well my friend was nonplused.   “How in the world can you say you’re law abiding?   You are trespassing in my house!  You are watching my television and eating my food without permission!  Trespassing!”

The intruder smiled softly again.

“No, Señor, we are not trespassing,” the spokesman said evenly. “We are immigrating.”

  1. Not everyone can live in the U.S. as much as they would like to….these people need to clean up their own rich & beautiful country…they have great resources but so much corruption that they can’t get out of the hole.
    It’s not that we in America don’t care but we can’t continue to enable Mexico. They must start to take care of their own. Liberals don’t mention how many of these people are murdered, raped & stolen from while trying to get across our borders. They don’t have civil rights here as they are not citizens but they do have human rights and it is inhuman how most of these illegals are being treated getting here and working here. My prayer for these people is that they get the power to clean up Mexico.
    Many of them are wonderful & kind people but everyone can not live in America. Maybe if they couldn’t get here they would clean up their own country.
    Anyway a great piece…..

    • I will say this about the Mexico (and perhaps I should be blogging about this). As of 2006, we deliver $1,594 billion to Russia (our enemy) in economic and military aid a year. We are paying Afghanistan $5,800 and Iraq $8,500 billion respectively, so we can have their cooperation in fighting the wars in those countries. We pay Columbia $497 billion not to export its cocaine to the U.S. (that’s working well) and Pakistan $977 billion to love us and hide al-Qaeda. Until just a few years ago China was the biggest recipient of U.S. foreign aid, now they own the lion share of our debt. We give Mexico $88 million a year in economic aid.
      What kind of a screwed up foreign policy is that? In over 150 years we have done next to nothing to stabilize Mexico. The Mexican’s who come here are by-and-large good hard-working people. They have given up on their country and come here because of our free system of government and abundance of opportunity. If we can pay Russia to be nice (not that I’m for paying anyone a red cent), we can certainly pay Mexico to seal its borders.

  2. Yes, you should blog about this…..I have an Aussie friend that told me years ago that we were crazy for not helping Mexico….
    You’re right it is screwed up and if we weren’t giving all these countries billions, we wouldn’t have a crisis here…it’s insane…..

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