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Obama Reset: Spies Gone Wild

In Obamacare on 09/07/2010 at 17:53

In 1963, Kim Philby, OBE, a high-ranking officer in British Intelligence MI-6, defected to the Soviet Union. He was the master agent behind the “Cambridge Five” spy ring, a Soviet espionage team that garnered U.S. and British intelligence for the USSR for years, and eventually even penetrated Buckingham Palace. In the end the ring probably consisted of more than five members; the top man in MI-5 during the mid 1960s and two-time Prime Minister Harold MacMillan were also alleged to have been members.

These people were moles, but perhaps the most dangerous spooks are the ones who infiltrate the mainstream of a nation’s elite and eventually gain access to government secrets through jobs, affairs or other connections to high-placed government workers or diplomats. Many, perhaps most, go undetected.

An ironic play on words here: the Russians refer to these operatives as “Illegals.”

Today the Obama Administration swapped 10 members of a deep-cover Russian intelligence ring without so much as a traffic ticket. And the Washington and New York media think it’s all great fun. For days on end supposed legitimate news outlets like the Washington Post and ABC News raved about Anna Chapman, the passable-but-not-all-that-hot little number at the center of the ring. This, the latest spy ring in the U.S., was attempting to worm very close to the disaster we currently call “Mr. President.”

Of course Anna Chapman wasn’t at the center of the ring at all; that’s the one who got away. But Anna made good copy in a world where people who actually still read, read People and Maxim. And while the media is treating this latest attempt by former KGB master spy Vladimir Putin to infiltrate the highest ranks of U.S. government like an American Idol scandal, truly legitimate news outlets—there was one last time we counted—are reporting that the 10 spies are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

In a lengthening list of “Never Befores” in U.S. policy the Obama Administration is once again breaking precedent: never before has the U.S. engaged in a spy swap with the Russians until the spies had been tried and convicted. If other spies in this network are here, do we know who they are? Does anyone really care?

Looks like that Reset Button’s really working.


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