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Leave Michael Steele, and Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the …

In The Wrong Right Turn on 04/07/2010 at 07:25

It is difficult to feel sympathy for Michael Steele. The guy is a public relations nightmare, a raging example of the Peter Principal in a world that suffers fools only in its elected officials, not in its hirelings.

That being said, Steele was somewhat right this week in his remarks about Afghanistan. Somewhat. Nevertheless his choice of words was unfortunate.

General David Patraeus will win in Afghanistan, if one can be as Clintonian about war as the former President was about “is.” If by “win” one means walk back the local vintage of rag-clad thugs and stabilize the country, Patraeus will win. If, on the other hand, one expects that he will cause even a good-sized dent in the Islamic jihadist’s assault on this country, Americans are in for a sad disappointment.

And, even if the U.S. liberates the Afghanis from the Talban, one day they will turn on us.

One of the worst misuses of power in the history of this great nation, in hindsight, was the August 6, 1945 atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, Japan, and the “Little Boy” attack on Nagasaki three days later. Not because the level of force wasn’t warranted and justified, but because, now, the U.S. can no longer use the Bomb. We should have held it in reserve for just such a day as this.

Of course that is not strictly true; it certainly could have been used by now. But apparently no American president since Truman has had the stones to do the deed.

One well-placed tactical nuclear devise in Tora Bora in October 2001 could have saved the United States thousands of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and never in this nation’s history has any foe deserved it more than Osama bin Laden. Every Muslim in the world would have immediately known the price of waging war against the United States of America.

The rest would have been mere clean up. And make no mistake; the U.S. will eventually have to use the Bomb to end this insanity. Hopefully it will not be too late.

But back to Michael Steele.

Steele’s problems during his tenure with the RNC have been an embarrassment to the GOP. When he was hammered for his lavish spending, he further embarrassed himself and conservatives everywhere by playing the race card. It was a disingenuous ploy that should have been beneath him.

The Party’s problem with Steele is his incredible lack of management skills. At a time when he should be positioning the Party for election wins in November, he is once again busy defending himself for missteps that could and should have been easily avoided. His statement this week on the war in Afghanistan was not only historically inaccurate, it was above his pay grade. His job is not policy; it is politics.

From Lezbo-gate and reports of lavish spending, to this current mess, Michael Steele has been a painful diversion in what should be a watershed year for the GOP.

The country has never thought highly of the Democrat’s as financial managers but many believe Republicans lack integrity.

Extravagant spending, sending big donors to lesbian leather bars, and offending U.S. troops and their families, while claiming to represent family values is unforgiveable in a party chairman.

Michael probably should have stepped aside when he knew that Ken Blackwell was running for the RNC chair. Blackwell was more qualified and more conservative, and the membership needed a strong resolute conservative leader more than ever.

Michael, when a third-string bench-sitter like Ellis Henican can criticize you and make sense, you know you’re in trouble. Preserve what is left of your reputation; step down now.

  1. Yes, please step down….he also does not know how to raise money. I understand the coffers are lacking considerably and with the Nov. election around the corner, it will be tough to recover..the sooner the better Mr. Steele….

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