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Barack, Whatever You Do, Don’t Go Out For a Smoke

In Bowling for Dollars on 03/07/2010 at 17:05

For fifty years Democrats have championed every goofy environmental fraud in the world, and since they own the media, many of their causes have taken hold. Now an employee can’t walk across a factory floor without some environmental Nazi telling him he can sue for tread wear.

In the case of deepwater drilling, BP America, Shell, Exxon-Mobil and the rest of those greedy capitalists have for years applied for licenses to drill in shallow waters off the U.S. continental shelves, only to be regulated out.

This so John McCain and John Heinz Kerry et al don’t have to see those ugly erector sets from the beaches of their summer homes.

For a half century congress has been pushing oil companies farther and farther offshore and nearly off of land-base drilling entirely to satisfy the deep-pocket lobbyists Barack Obama claims only exist in the Republican Party.

In the case of the Deepwater Horizon man-caused disaster de jour, the U.S. government, specifically the Clinton Administration, incentivized BP America and the others to drill in one mile of water, when they would have much preferred to drill closer in, on the continental shelf.

How did they do this? By waiving the exorbitant royalties the company normally has to pay the government for every barrel of oil it brings in. In deepwater the government waives much of this royalty.

Democrats are most assuredly responsible for driving the nation’s economy into the ground with wacky environmental regulations. But leaders in both parties are equally culpable in causing the Deepwater disaster. Republicans like Lindsey Graham have been onboard with these insane proposals for years.

And it is this kind of thinking that created the environment for the Deepwater Horizon disaster and is causing gas prices to soar higher every year.

Oil wells, whether on land or sea are drilled by the foot, and each well has a dollar-per-foot price tag attached to it. BP America had to go a mile down before it could even begin to drill the Deepwater Horizon hole. Keep in mind that the Horizon had to go down a mile to begin drilling and had a capability to drill 30,000 feet—six miles!

No one is giving BP America a pass here. The technology does not yet exist to cap a 30,000-foot-deep well in 5,000 feet of water. Both BP and the U.S. government knew that before the well was drilled. But the worst culprit is a government that not only allowed this well to be drilled but also incentivized it.

Two months into this spill Barack Obama is still pointing fingers at his predecessor, prevaricating about his own indecisiveness, extorting BP stockholders, and has not yet marshaled all of the resources at his disposal.

To worsen an already impossible situation, he has shut down deepwater drilling and has ignored repeated attempts to lift the ban. It seems that every time this guy has a fit of smoker’s hack a hundred thousand people lose their jobs.


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