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The Real Disaster Ain’t the Spill, Boo

In Obamarama on 30/06/2010 at 07:54

Barack Obama has a scant 17 months to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and bring himself and the Democratic Party back into favor with the American electorate. He lost independents in his first few months, he lost his base at the end of his first year, and now the far left is slip sliding away.

The President has alluded to the possibility that he may not run for a second term and there are rumblings that, if he does, Hillary Clinton will replace Biden.

Granted, Obama was only trying to sound red-blooded when he told the media he might be a one-term president. It sounded rakish and daring when he was trying to get his healthcare package around the will of the American people. Of course the public, who will likely turn out in historic numbers in 2012, may have taken the hint a little more seriously. Freshman gaffe number—well who’s counting—never give the serfs ideas.

This administration is bleeding. No one seems to know—or at least no one is saying—whether this President has the worst advisors in modern history, or whether he is simply too stubborn to listen to them.

In less than 18 months the President has all but torpedoed U.S. foreign policy with both Israel and Great Britain, reached out to a terrorist regime in Iran that has sworn to destroy Israel and America, and created a mountain of debt external debt that is cannot be repaid in three generations.

In the face of an invasion by Mexican drug and human-trafficking cartels he has obstinately refused to secure the U.S. borders, and when Arizona set out to do the government’s job he announced his intention to sue to prevent it.

One can almost hear the whispers in the halls of Congress and the corridors of the DNC. Obama, the good-looking young firebrand who showed such brilliance and prowess in capturing the hearts of the American voter, has not been the leader they had envisioned. The package was so appealing: a bright young Harvard graduate with a winning personality, a beautiful family and a vision in sync with the social engineering policies that the liberal arm of the party believes made it possible for an African American to be president in the first place.

Will Obama even have a choice in the matter of a second term?

Lastly, currently 40,000 barrels of oil per day is spewing into the Gulf with no end in sight. British Petroleum and every bureaucrat in Washington with expertise in the field knew within 72 hours that no conventional method exists to stop the blowout. Yet, Barack Obama, who could have mobilized practically every cleanup vessel on earth to protect the coasts, failed to do so. After more than 60 days he still fails to do so.

While that seem quiet enough disaster for one nation, the country faces a much bigger one:

Barack Obama is the real disaster.

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