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Islam on the March in Mexico

In The Enemy Among Us on 27/06/2010 at 08:23

It is one of the fastest growing religions on earth, and it is multiplying at an alarming rate according to a 2005 report by the BBC.

It is of course Islam, and with increasing tensions on the US-Mexican border, it is one more cause of concern for citizens already feeling the threat of increasingly emboldened drug and human trafficking cartels. Islam is growing in Mexico.

Although both the US and Mexican governments insist that there has been no terrorist activity by Islamic Mexicans, in 2001 an Agua Prieta, Mexico newspaper reported the apprehension of 13 Yemeni men it identified as “terrorists” attempting to cross into the United States.

And while Janet Napolitano and the Obama administration dawdle, leaders in the Mexican Islamic movement make no bones about it; Islam is on the march in Mexico. Hundreds of indigenous Mayans, a group that has been widely oppressed throughout Mexican history, have already converted.

While Islam as a whole may or may not pose an immanent threat to the United States, extremist factions within the religion are aggressive and they thrive on ignorance among uneducated and desperate converts. Hezbollah has established cells in South America with the US as its intended target.

The question remains: Can the government continue to place at risk American lives on a fanciful politically correct notion that mosques on both sides of the border are not harboring and/or training terrorists.

The drug war in Mexico makes Afghanistan look like child’s play by comparison; thousands are dying annually. Some Americans have died on both sides of the border but it is merely a matter of time until it spills over into a full-blown war on American soil.

For thirty years the open-border media have diverted public attention in the illegal immigration debate with the smokescreen of racial prejudice, when the truth could not be plainer. It is and always has been an issue of national security.

Whether Latin Muslims pose an imminent threat, if the government doesn’t move in to secure this border  soon, one day they will. Border security is not an issue of immigration or what position entrenched politicians on the right and left may have on illegals. Regardless of what is to be done with the 12 to 20 million illegals currently in the country, time has run out on the larger issues. Eventually, radical sects of Islam will penetrate US soil if the border is not closed.

Between the ongoing drug war and elements of Islamic zealots sworn to destroy America, lives will be lost as a result of our government’s laissez-faire attitude on the border. And no administration has been more criminally negligent-and it is criminal-than the current one.

The Obama administration must secure the border immediately.


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