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Stan’s Gone: Is The McWar Over?

In Wars and Rumors of Wars on 24/06/2010 at 07:36

World War II made the contemporary American media. Prior to the last great war most Americans had not been exposed too much news from a global perspective. Before WWII the U.S. was a rural society; afterwards the American farm began a slow decline and mass migration to the industrial centers started.

Along with advancement in education and a growing sophistication among the ranks of everyday citizens came the rise of the media culture. And the decline of the U.S. military. We began to lose or be perceived as losing wars.

This decline has nothing to do with the brave young men and women who deploy to combat theaters around the world every year and everything to do with the media’s influence on U.S. citizens who know nothing of warfare and the corrupt politicians they elect. Journalists began to cover armed conflict from their own progressive perspective and politicians have no scruples when the payoff is a bad headline.

All of this does, however, have to do with why GIs were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan without sufficient equipment to accomplish their missions. The media hate the military.

It also has everything to do with why the United States did not turn Afghanistan to glass in October of 2001, and why it engaged in nation building in Iraq and now is trying to do the same in Afghanistan.

Finally, it is the reason a decorated four-star general like Stanley McChrystal would allow his senior staff to openly berate an American president in front of a journalist. Not because the things said weren’t true of President Obama or Joe Biden, but because the staff was comfortable enough to say them in front of a Rolling Stone reporter.

They thought they were among friends.

From the spring of 1864, when Sherman began his March to the Sea, until the end of WWII on VJ Day 1945, virtually every successful U.S. general has understood that to win in warfare there must be a civilian toll. Wars are simply not winnable without it.

In warfare American lives are precious but by necessity all others must be expendable. “War,” as Sherman so aptly noted, “is all hell.” War cannot be made civilized.

There is warfare and there is nation building and the two are as incongruent as oil and water. In the case of these two countries, in the case of this entire war, the U.S. is fighting 1500 years of irrational barbaric ideology that cannot be bought off with schools and hospitals and healthy poppy fields left to flourish.

Stanley McChrystal and indeed half of the American military leadership long ago lost sight of these simple proven facts, if they ever knew them. Stanley McChrystal is a progressive. He thought the Rolling Stone reporter was a fellow progressive. The rest is history.

Why did McChrystal foul up? Well, because he has a loose lip. But it should not be overlooked that he is the architect—hand picked by Obama—of this ill-fated surge in Afghanistan. It is a liberal mission fraught with liberal red tape and liberal civility, and, while we may see a dormancy in hostilities for a time, we will never change the goal of this enemy to exterminate us. This enemy is not simply al Qaeda; it is Islam.

Stanley McChrystal is a good and honorable soldier; in Iraq working black ops under David Petraeus he was heroic. But as a theater commander the American people are blessed to see him go.

Would that we could get rid of Barack Obama so easily.

  1. Sherman was right–and killed, burned, and pillaged his way across Georgia, gutting the Confederacy–and assuring victory!
    Patton did not flinch from shelling ,carpet bombing, and incinerating cities full of civilians if it also killed the Italian and German soldiers–and assured victory!
    MacArthur killed countless civilians while fighting the Japanese and Chinese Communists-and would have achieved victory instead of stalemate in Korea if allowed to fight as he saw fit!
    Vietnam was a politically manipulated “police action” that we did not lose, and thousands of civilians died by massed bombing, mines, and reprisals by the VC–we just were not allowed to fight for victory!
    Both Gulf wars were stunning military victories with remarkably few civilian casualties, that degenerated into guerilla warfare– because again we were not allowed pursue and kill the insurgents where they were trained and harbored by our enemies!
    Afganistan is NOT winnable without systematic eradication of the Islamic infrastructure that trains, finances, and hides among civilians!–victory WILL involve killing civilians!

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