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Republicans: Somewhere in Heaven Reagan’s Laughing

In Palinography, Sarah Palin on 19/06/2010 at 08:53

Nearly every Republican I speak to these days, even those who like Sarah Palin, say that that the Governor is unelectable. The ones who don’t like her say she is a dolt in a nice package, that she has no depth. Those who hate her … well it’s not pretty, the things they say. And that’s just the Republicans.

Which is, interestingly enough, almost exactly what they said about Ronald Reagan in 1965.

This is one reason I defected from the Republican Party two years ago, ironically, before I had ever heard Palin speak. I knew she had just been elected governor of Alaska but hadn’t seen or heard her. I left the party for the netherworld of independency because, being an old hippy, I knew—and had always known, I suppose—that Republicans don’t get it. They’re unhip, square … lamers stuck on stupid.

Want to destroy a cocktail party? Invite John Boehner.

My biggest complaint about Republicans is that they run on family values and fiscal restraint, go to Washington, drink the water, and—presto—they’re Establishment hacks. After a year most of them couldn’t find the district that elected them without a Thomas Guide and a wife who knows how to read it.

The Republican Establishment is the sole reason men like Barack Obama get to be President. Find a bad Democrat idea and add two parts John McCain, a splash of Lindsey Graham, fold in Olympia Snowe, and, voila! Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Of course I speak of Establishment Republicans. Reagan was different: he didn’t wear a tie when he let the press in at Rancho del Cielo for photo ops. Not one shot of Reagan chopping wood in a blue serge suit.

I know many of you voted for Ross Perot in 1992 because you felt lost, disconnected from the party, and at least Ross had been successful at something. Of course that didn’t work either. Alas, Ross was closer to the “crazy aunt in the basement” than anyone knew. But he was right about that giant NAFTA sucking sound. Barbie Dolls, three pesos!!!

I’m rambling.

It’s just that I have always judged Republican candidates by what Newsweek has to say about them. Newsweek and its ilk is the sounding board of the DNC. Every pre-primary season, if you’ll read carefully, Newsweek and the New York Times will tell you which Republicans to vote for. Vote for the ones they hate.

I suspect that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2011. Barack Obama is beyond salvageable. Maybe you want to want to run Mitt Romney against that steamroller. If so, please share the drugs you’re using. They may help us all cope.

For years Democrats have played mainstream Republicans like a Conga drum. They tell you what to think and when to think it and you think it.

Yet everything Palin touches turns to political gold. Even John McCain, who stood about as much chance of winning a fifth term in Arizona as an illegal Mexican getting busted by Janet Napolitano, will most likely be reelected.

Some of Sarah Palin’s worst critics are Republicans, especially Republican women. Hmm, there’s something in that, not sure quite what.  But if the GOP turns over the House and makes steep trenches in the Senate in November, it will be largely due to the Governor’s contributions to their party.

Wouldn’t that be truly ironic?

Somewhere up there, Ronnie must be laughing and shaking his head.

  1. NO kidding! Isn’t it funny now they now know that BO really didn’t have any experience and some are admitting it…..can you imagine if Bush had played golf every week (he gave it up for 8 yrs. due to the service men that were fighting for us) he would have been demonized more than he was……
    I used to think OB was smart now i know he is not smart and he doesn’t know how to put anyone around him with any smarts…..just a Chicago thug that per Ben Stein is abusing the Constitution up one side and down the other.

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