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Enough! Impeach Obama Now

In Obamarama on 17/06/2010 at 07:14

Last night Barack Obama sat behind the glassy surface of the Resolute desk in the Oval Office and addressed the American people. The desk was immaculately clean, as it should be; it hasn’t seen much use of late.

For 30 days the President treated the Deepwater Horizon blowout like his destitute illegal alien aunt in Boston, while millions of gallons of sweet crude inched its way toward the beaches, marshes and wetlands of the Southern Coast.

After 10 minutes of Nobel laureate name-dropping Mr. Obama launched into another 10 minutes of displacing blame, castigating the Bush administration’s “decade of corruption” at the MMS, and promising the country that he would force BP to make full restitution, something he arguably has no authority to do.

If we weren’t absolutely certain before, we now know for sure that BP is evil.

Except none of that matters at the moment.

The gusher in the Gulf will not be plugged anytime soon. There are several submarine blowouts worldwide presently—even another one in the Gulf of Mexico—that have not been completely staunched, and the Deepwater Horizon flow is here to stay for some time.

What the American people wanted to hear last night was just how the President intends to reclaim and preserve the aforementioned beaches, marshes and wetlands while the spill continues.

New technologies exist but we did not hear about them in the President’s speech. The Dutch, Norwegians and 11 other countries want to help but we did not hear about them. Apparently even Malia and Sasha don’t have any new ideas.

Instead, last night the President proposed to spend the billions of dollars that should be going to the implementation of a massive cleanup effort to his fantasy green energy initiatives.

So what has Mr. Obama done? He has enacted a moratorium on drilling, which will cost thousands of jobs. And those losses may be virtually permanent, because oil platforms are not stationary; they are, in effect, ocean-going vessels that oil companies will redeploy elsewhere in the world.

President Obama’s on-the-job performance has reached an impeachable level. Malfeasance of duty is an impeachable offense and this president should go now.

Let’s look at some facts:

1) Arizona is in full-scale revolt over his inaction on illegal migration and drug trafficking on the border. Failure to secure the borders is an impeachable offence. And he has inflamed racial polarity.

2) The country is teetering on the verge of losing its triple-A credit rating. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been booted off the New York Stock Exchange.

3) Jobs are not rebounding and his $1 trillion stimulus has only worsened that situation. He wants more money.

4) He has all but demolished U.S. relations with our two most loyal allies: Great Britain and Israel. He hasn’t met a Muslim potentate he doesn’t love.

5) He has done nothing—zip, nada—about Iran’s race toward a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East.

6) When he should be mobilizing an armada of ships and resources in the Gulf, his EPA is failing to give the go ahead on chemicals and devises that can stave off, if not clean up the mess.

7) He has lied to the American people about the state of our natural resources; there is an abundance of shallow petroleum in the U.S. to satisfy our needs for a hundred years and beyond.

This President has mismanaged virtually everything he has touched since the day he took the oath of office and it is time for a change.

We are not faced with a political decision any longer. Virtually any president would be better than this president.

  1. It was a political speech to try and appease his left wing base, but that’s not working either!
    It is mind boggling that the gov’t or BP has not contacted any of the companies that have products to help clean up the beaches and the marshes…..Huckabee had several very interesting products that are worth checking out….one in particular that is supposed to work in the marshes..it is certainly worth a try….it’s as tho’ he does not want to cleanit up because then he will not have an excuse to stop all drilling. Thanks for mentioning how much oil we really have on land, especially. Not one word on the news that his comment was a lie….keep up the good work….

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