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Obama: I’m In Charge … Where’s Al Haig?

In Obamarama on 15/06/2010 at 05:39

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution there have been approximately 100 recorded oil spills worldwide. From the Lakeview Gusher in Kern County, California in 1910, to the ongoing Deepwater Horizon blowout, oil spills have become a fact of life in an industrialized world.

No one knows exactly how much oil is emitted into the world’s oceans every year, but we do know that 20 to 25 tons of crude seeps naturally out of Coal Oil Point into the Santa Barbara Channel each year, and has since Creation. That is just in one tiny location.

We also know that, in the history of catastrophic events, man-caused oil spills don’t even approach the devastation myriad natural disasters cause annually worldwide. Earthquakes, famines, plagues and blizzards claim tens of thousands of lives each year a do multiplied billons of dollars in damage. The Deepwater Horizon claimed 11 lives and BP will make at least some restitution.

Yet, today, Barack Obama has likened that disaster to the 9-11 terror attacks on the nation.

Of course the President is making this ridiculous comparison for one reason. Not to help speed up the work on the Gulf well; not to expedite cleanup efforts; but to push his wacko green energy bill through Congress.

So far the spill has shutdown the fishing industry and crippled Southern coastal tourism, and now Obama has put a moratorium on the only viable industry left on the Gulf Coast—the oil industry. He is so blinded by leftist ideology that he will destroy the economy of the nation to finance his grandiose dreams.

Yet with such varied contributors as actor Kevin Costner, technology scientists, and businessmen who have been using alfalfa and polypropylene for years to remove damaging oil from road and other projects, the President has done nothing to move progress forward in protecting coastal waters and marshes.

The folks at Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Brit Hume and Charles Krauthammer are right when they say that Obama is not alone to blame for the spill; British Petroleum and at least three administrations are to blame. However, they are terribly wrong when they say that Obama is doing all he can.

He has failed to waive the Jones Act and for weeks failed to employ cleanup methods that could have saved much of the coast. Some of these methods are, granted, experimental, but what better time is there to test them? Costner is on record saying that had his machines been in use on the day of the disaster 90% of the oil would have been recovered. Why not let him prove it?

The nation looks to its presidents for leadership not rhetoric. If President Obama wants to draw a war-related analogy to the spill in the Gulf it should be the Dunkirk Rescue during World War II. Because that is the type of effort that was required to save our coast from invasion after the Deepwater Horizon blew.

  1. He’s a narcissistic legislator/ lawyer/ “community organizer”, who has NOOOO skills or experience as a LEADER! AND IT SHOWS!!

    Pray for America–and remember in November–and 2012!


  2. I agree with William…we have never had a Pres. that is so consumed with himself and so defensive. Every time he gets criticized he is on the Teleprom Ter defending himself and pointing the blame everywhere except himself. When are Americans going to wake up? Yes, pray for America and as Dennis Praeger has said recently, even though it has been said before, this IS the most important election in our history!

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