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Unelectable Liberals or Righteous Conservatives: Which Will it Be?

In The Wrong Right Turn on 08/06/2010 at 19:20

Okay, let’s look at the Republican track record so far:

In 1987, after nearly eight glorious years of sustained prosperity, the Soviet Union was in its final death throes, the U.S. military could once again hold its head high; jobs were plentiful, and the GOP needed a Second Act–someone to take over after the Great Communicator retired.

Naturally the party dubbed veep George H. W. Bush. Yes, he is the guy who coined the phrase “Voodoo Economics,” referring to Reagan’s economic policy, but he was a good vice president and a decent man.

Bush managed to sustain Reagan’s revolution for a while but his true progressive skirts began to show when he announced his vision for a “New World Order” and sweeping globalist policies. Also, against the advice of that big dummy, Dan Quayle, H.W. broke his pledge not to raise taxes.

Fast forward to 1994: Bob Dole. Really? After four years of Hillary Care, NAFTA, Travel-Gate, and Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Snafus the GOP nominates Bob.

Well, that worked out well, don’t you think?

Enter George W. Bush. He was the obvious choice in a dwindling field of Reagan Republicans. Dan Quayle was the ideal Reagan Revolutionista but mainstream conservatives bought into the Left’s smear campaign and dubbed him too stupid to be Chief Executive.

Okay, Bush was simply marvelous in the immediate aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, but it was downhill from there, because, like so many modern GOP politicians, he is consummate global progressive. Anyone who has seen the recent Laura Bush interviews on television can get a good fix on W. Where do Republican men pick up these twits, at DNC fundraisers?

In 2008 the GOP decided to nominate a real Reagan Republican: John Sidney McCain. Uh-huh, right. Two words: Meghan McCain. Nuff said.

Republicans are nearing an all-or-nothing gambit in 2012. The U.S. has the first bona fide Marxist in the White House, a man who served a total of 100 days in national elected office, a man who never even ran an AM/PM store in the private sector.

And Republicans are sniping over Sarah Palin (some of you were actually concerned that she didn’t have the experience to be vice president. Huh?) and Michelle Bachmann and Mike Huckabee, and are actually toying with the idea of nominating Mitt Romney.

Here’s an idea: let’s give Mitt the nationwide Book of Mormon franchise. Then we’ll only have to think of him when kids in thins black ties and backpacks knock on our doors.

This, dear friends, is the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

It is not wrong for a Republican not to want Sarah Palin within 2,000 square miles of the White House. We get it–you don’t like the woman–but when a conservative buys into and propagate the personal attacks against her, I think, Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Because you are doing something a Democrat never does–you are dogging your own party.

Is Sarah Palin the most experienced or most qualified person to be the next President of the United States? No. But after her stellar record as an oil regulator and governor in Alaska, do you really think we would be saying, Why isn’t Palin doing anything about the oil-spill cleanup in the Gulf?


Fifty-one percent of the American people–including a good number of so-called moderate Republicans–just elected a man who thought macroeconomics was a class in handbag weaving when he took it at Harvard.

What? Are you guys on dope?

So we have two very polarized branches of the GOP going into the 2012 election cycle and the question is this: Will the GOP live up to its miserable record of the last 30 years and nominate another progressive, or will it pick from a narrow field of truly conservative candidates who represent true conservative values?

Recently a Republican woman left a comment on the LCL blog, saying that Sarah Palin is an idiot. We didn’t respond because anyone who actually believes that is a hopeless cause. Only an imbecile could believe that … or a very insecure person.

No, we are not suggesting that the GOP should nominate Palin in 2012, or Bachman or Huckabee, for that matter. Incidentally, Huck’s conservative credentials are way dubious.

But if the GOP holds true to form and nominates another McCain-Dole-Bush-brand Republican, the party will be toast. … The country will be toast.

  1. We need another Reagan and I don’t see one on the horizon. Palin, will not be nominated and I know many Republicans that don’t like her….too down home for them…..she might say “you betcha”

  2. Repubicans cause more national debt then democrats, the also fought against blacks, women, children and now gays… i think we have had enough of them…
    you really need to get your facts straight- Ragen created this black hole of debt.. and Palin is a joke..

    • Very good, Liya. Where did you get your facts, from Alvin Greene? Republicans freed the slaves from Southern Democrats, Fredrick Douglas was a Republican, and the women’s right to vote was approved under a Republican congress; Ronald Reagan led the country into the longest sustained period of economic growth since World War II, and collapsed Soviet communism. And, if Palin’s a joke, why are all the candidates she endorses winning, and why oh why are you Democrats so afraid of her? Huh???

      • well i’m not a Democrat. I’m a socialist- or as an ignorant republican would say – ” a commie socialist marxist maoist”

        and i was talking about civil rights, not slavery.

        and no, he did not collapse communism, i know my peoples history, no matter how dark. we the people of the 15 different republics elected to dismember.

    • Now, if you can just learn to read and write simple English, you’ll really have something.

    • How interesting. My family has a nearly 400 year history in the Deep South and almost every racist I’ve ever known has been a Democrat. Medger Evers was assasinated by a Democrat, George Wallace, who stood in the doorway of U Alabama to block black students, was a Democrat. James Earl Ray with whom I corresponded, was from a family of Democrats. And, oh yes, “your people” Josef Stalin exterminated 9 million ethinic minorities. Reagan did indeed collapse the Soviet Bloc. Get your facts straight.

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