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Se Habla Republican?

In The Wrong Right Turn on 06/06/2010 at 08:44

“ … [A]nalysts say the party risks damaging its already strained relationship with Hispanics, a bloc with growing clout in U.S. politics who voted for Obama in 2008 by a two-to-one margin.”

That’s Reuters take on Beltway Republican’s efforts to transform themselves into border-hawk conservatives in time to win primary bids across the country in November.

Wait, I hear music. It’s the smallest mariachi band in the world playing “Don’t Cry for Me Tijuana.”

With between 60 to 80 percent – depending on which poll you read – of Americans standing for strong immigration reform and against any rights for illegals beyond the right to buy a Greyhound ticket for the border city of their choice, we understand Reuter’s concern.

I’ll hesitate a guess here. John McCain will not hurt himself with Hispanic voters with his newly born-again stand on illegal migration. None of them voted for him in 2008 to begin with.

Michelle Malkin had the best line when she said, “I need a Dramamine to cover GOP Sen. John McCain’s re-election bid. With his desperate lurch to the right, he’s inducing more motion sickness than a Disney Land teacup.”

Let’s put it this way: If Arizonans vote for John Sydney McCain in November, they deserve a full-scale Obama-led invasion, not to curtail the illegal flow on their border, but to declare marshal law and grant every gardener in the state citizenship.

Because that is exactly what the Democrats are shooting for here. They will not be happy with any reform that does not grant a rapid pathway to citizenship for illegal migrants.

  1. Voters may fall for it….they often do, but McCain will not stand up for reform without amnesty…count on it! He is a liberal not a conservative. He hasn’t changed his mind, he’s running for office and his opponent is with the majority of the people…so we’ll see how smart the voters are in AZ

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