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In Obamarama on 02/06/2010 at 07:30

Barack Obama and "Pretty Ballerina" Rahm Emanuel

From 1991 until 2000, the Clinton White House ran much like one would expect any well-oiled totalitarian seat of government to run, complete with dirty tricks, subterfuge, and its own propaganda ministry. Rahm Emanuel headed up the “dirty tricks bureau” and John “I Vant to Sock Your Blod” Podesta, now founder and head of Media Matters, ran the propaganda ministry.

Sweet little operation.

Rahm was the guy who instituted the “no notes” policy for White House lawyers during the Clinton impeachment proceedings, the idea being that if White House lawyers didn’t take notes there would be no records to subpoena. This, a lesson learned from the mistakes of Nixon Watergate counsel John Dean. Dean took great notes and drew a four-year sentence, even after he ratted out the others.

In Emanuel and Posdesta we have possibly two of the greatest unindicted criminals in the history of American politics. These guys were “good … very good,” to quote Humphrey Bogart.

Well, Podesta still heads up propaganda for the Democratic Party, albeit in the private sector nowadays. Much of the dirt you read about Sarah Palin, James O’Keefe, Michele Bachmann and scores of other conservatives is hatched by him and his organization. It’s effective and many Republicans accept much of it as fact after it percolates into the mainstream media.

But Emanuel has kept his hand in government, most recently as Obama White House chief of staff, and, when one day all of the rubble is cleared away, in the Joe Sestak “Jobsgate” scandal, Rahm will be the rabble at the bottom of it.

The question is not whether Obama offered Congressman Sestak a job – he did. It isn’t even whether the White House and Joe are being truthful about what job was offered – they aren’t. The real question is whether or not the misfire Republicans on Capitol Hill can prove it.

In this entire debacle one idea has been put forth that makes sense. It is not a special prosecutor appointed by the Obama Justice Department or even a Washington-based FBI investigation. The best idea put forth – I believe it was on O’Reilly last week by Dick Morris – is that Republican Pennsylvania Attorney General, Tom Corbett, impanel a state grand jury into the bribe offered a sitting U.S. Representative in his state.

If he will do this, he will effectively circumvent any dog and pony show that Marc Rich Pardon architect Eric Holder conducts, and get to the most corrupt White House chief of staff in U.S. history.

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  2. Hopefully Corbett will have the guts to do it….Republicans need to get a spine. It seems that the Dems get away with anything and everything…
    do the voters really think that Clinton was called in to offer a non paying job? Come on people!

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