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Memorial Day Weekend: Daddy Hasn’t Plugged The Hole Yet

In Obamarama on 30/05/2010 at 20:30

The last refuge of a president who can’t find his ass with both hands and a Secret Service detail is the kids.

I know, I know, that was uncalled for, but I couldn’t resist.

In the 1980 Presidential Election Jimmy Carter asked his daughter, Amy, what the most important issue in the election was, and Amy said it was by far “nuclear arms.” The economy was in the tank, the Iranian hotage crises was ongoing, and we had the leader of the free world consulting his daughter for advice.

All together now—Aw, how cute!

Reagan won in a landslide and since that time wise presidents have steered clear of injecting their children into their political dialog with the press. … Until last week.

Last Thursday, 30 years after the now historic Amy Summit, we were informed that Barack Obama – progenitor of the first Beer Summit – is all over this oil spill thing in the Gulf and that Malia and Sasha are in the White House to make darned sure of it.

Progress at last!

According to my POTUS Tracker at the Washington Post the President was off Friday. The POTUS Tracker maybe broken but I shook it and it still won’t give me Barry’s schedule. Nope, the Boss (no disrespect to Springsteen) was off.

Finally the answer to why it took the President nine days to recognize a potentially cataclysmic disaster was ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico: he was thinking about vacation. Wait a minute, that was another vacation. Oh well.

Really one has to understand the President’s urgency to get a few days on the links in Chicago, have dinner with old buddy Louis Farrakhan, and maybe drop by the Trinity United Church of Christ for a good old-fashioned race-baiting sermon. I figure Barack deserves a day off after that grueling presser Thursday. I mean, in the last 309 days he has held a grand total of two, count ‘em, two press conferences. Whew! All that heavy lifting.

And there isn’t much doing in Washington anyway. The spill is pretty much taking care of itself, and Joe Sestek, well, Bill Clinton has that under control. Right, Rahm? Bill does have it under control, right?

Barack Obama did not create the disaster on the Gulf, and, some would say, he is powerless to staunch the tide of crude washing into coast. The later is debatable but what is not in dispute is the President’s complete lack of the perception of leadership in the face of disaster.

It took Obama nine days to even acknowledge the blowout on the Coast and 39 days to address the nation on what progress, if any, the administration has made in stemming the worst of the catastrophe. It took him those same nine days to extend his condolences to the families of the BP employees that died in the explosion.

What is missing in this President is thoughtfulness, that and a seeming lack of maturity.

We have seen it from the beginning of his presidency: He twice made thoughtless comments about Las Vegas, which resulted in millions of dollars in convention cancelations to the hotels there; he was thoughtlessly unreachable for four days after the Christmas Day bombing attempt; and he thoughtlessly blamed the Cambridge police, not knowing facts or details, when they arrested his Harvard friend. The President’s first term of office has been riddled by such incidents. Ask Binyamin Netanyahu who the President thoughtlessly left to twiddle his thumbs while he went to dinner with Michelle and the kids.

Mr. President, it is your responsibility to be presidential, it is your responsibility to be thoughtful enough to keep the public that elected you informed; it is your responsibility to remind yourself of the oil spill in the Gulf every morning, not Malia and Sasha’s.

  1. One would think that someone around him would help him be thoughtful…..no, this president has no empathy except for muslim’s attacking Israel and other places….
    My guess is that no one ever taught him and probably never said no to him as a child. He was tossed around by his mother from here to there while she pursued whatever she was pursuing, therefore, his narcissistic nature. He is so over his head it’s scary. And the people around him are even more scary! Whata ya bet that Guliani (sp)would have had that leak managed in record time!

  2. Dick your the smartest and my favorite. I soke with Plaqueman Parrish people and was told they have been begging for Supertankers. In no uncertain terms Parrish Pres. Nungesser was turned down. TOO EXPENSIVE… BP said it had to do also with the dispersment being used and are still using dispersment at the gusher well opening. Thats bull. They dont want to spend the two million dollars a day. Oil naturally comes to the surface where it can be seen and vacuumed like in the Saudis 1993 spill, where 85% of the 800 million gallons were recovered. Could it be BP is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Besides I thought Obama’s people were saying yes or no.Those Supertanker vacuum/centrifuge systems could be working the oil as it gushes until Christmas. The miles and miles of slick and plumes should be vacuumed up before they hit our beaches. I talked to one vessel Capt. at Mississippi Canyon 252(broken well site), they need a vacuum tanker working those two square miles right now for starters. John Hofmister Shell oil Pres. retired andNick Pozziand went to BP a month ago and offered this plan. Pozz was head engineer in 1993 for Aramco. TOO EXPENSIVE. If the had 20 million yards of boom they could not pick up those millions of barrels of PLUMES lurking beneath. PLEASE Dick help save the U.S. from this attack…

  3. Now Tony Haywood has said, How do we know that 20 mile long by 6 mile wide by 3300 ft. thick plume, (that has been spotted more than once), came from BP’s broken well? What is he saying? Lots of wells leak millions of gallons of oil all the time. Or is he saying, you cant prove that oil is BP’s.. Can you imagine what he will be like if they ever get that well under control?

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