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In Bowling for Dollars on 24/05/2010 at 19:13

Illegal Hatian Voter Vandamme Jeanty

In the 2008 presidential election, between 1.2 and 2.8 million illegal aliens voted in the U.S. Local, state, and at least some federal contests were decided by these votes.

These voters were presumably longtime residents in their respective districts, who for one reason or another had not obtained legal residency through the plethora of loopholes in federal law. They have driver’s licenses and social security numbers, often counterfeit or purloined but in many cases genuine.

This is all okay with Democrat leadership in Washington and certainly tolerated by many Republicans.

For years Congress has known that illegals are voting and has failed to act. Republicans and Democrats alike have treated this issue like a third-rail and the media have all but refused to cover the story.

The now infamous Dornan-Sanchez congressional race during the 1990s was almost certainly the cause of Republican Bob Dornan’s defeat. Nearly 900 illegals are known to have voted in that small congressional race and many more are suspected.

As I write illegals are walking door-to-door in the streets of America taking the 2010 census. MS-13 gang members are crossing the border at will transporting illegals and drugs and murdering Americans.

Don’t it make you nostalgic for the days when the Teflon Don only clipped his mob enemies?

This year illegals across the U.S. will vote in record numbers and sway elections if Senator Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank have their way.

Like the Motor-Voter Law the Universal Voter Registration Law is just one more step toward erasing any remembrance of what it means to be an American. Illegal voting is becoming a trend and it must be stopped now.

Email, call, or write your congressman and senators today and urge them to stop Universal Voter Registration in federal and state law.

  1. Hopefully people will do what you ask…this must stop but we have so many whimpy republicans that wouldn’t lift a hand to help Dornan.
    I’m hoping we will get rid of not only the incumbant Dems but also many of the incumbant pubs…..

  2. I am a legal alien in this country, and this is how easy it was for me to try and vote, think how the organized illegals are setting up……

    ( this is the edited version to protect my family)

    • Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately the video doesn’t show any faces or any proof of illegal activity. You are no doubt being truthful, but, in order to provide proof you will have to vote on camera and immediately identify yourself as a fraudulent voter. Thus exposing the laxness in the system. I suggest you contact Andrew Breitbart at http://biggovernment.com/ if you want to do this right. I hope you will continue. Good luck.

      Thanks again

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