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A Mosque Grows in Manhattan

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 15/05/2010 at 18:44

The announcement this week that an Islamic mosque will be erected in Manhattan is cause for every American to be concerned.

Within 100 years of Mohammad’s bad-acid-trip-like revelation from a god that has no credentials in history (Sun Myung Moon has better papers), the Islamic empire stretched from the Atlantic Ocean across Central Asia and into Northern Africa.

Today Islam claims to be the “Abrahamic religion,” although Abraham must be the last to know. The Old Testament, largely a record of Abraham and his descendants, makes no mention of any religion that even remotely resembles Islam, and Judaism has 4000 years of empirical evidence that supports its origin with Abraham.

About 60 years after Mohammad’s death AD 632, the caliphate brought Islam to Jerusalem and poked a stick in the eye of its hated enemy, the Jews, by erecting a mosque on the Temple Mount, not coincidently, right atop the ruins of Solomon’s Temple.

The Hebrew bible says that Solomon’s Temple must be rebuilt in that exact location before the Advent of Messiah. The Muslims have also established a graveyard at the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem, the very gate through which the Judaic and Christian Messiah will enter the city.

Coincidence? Yeah right. That is what we in the biz call an Alan Colmes coincidence. Only a moron could believe it.

No. Islam has an agenda. In the words of Nidra Poller (via Atlas Shrugs) regarding US pressure to create a two-state Jerusalem:

The Muslim claim to Jerusalem is staked on the Al Aqsa mosque and the gilded Dome of the Rock that dominate the Temple Mount (the French call it “l’esplanade des mosquées”). And if it is granted, the heart of our civilization will be broken. The precedent established in Jerusalem will be extended to Paris, New York, London, the Hague, Detroit, Washington D.C… wherever a mosque is built, Islam will extend its political sovereignty. It will be the end of separation of church and state, the end of religious and political freedom. Al Aqsa is built on the ruins of the Jewish Temple. Europeans—so eager to impose the division of Jerusalem– finally nixed plans for mega- mosques in Rome and London. But their long-delayed awakening is trumped by the anti-Zionism of the American president.

A very similar situation is playing out in Manhattan this week.

This week the City of New York green-lighted the building of a 13-story mosque across the street from Ground Zero and the symbolism of Islam is once again evident in the courts of its enemy.

With rationale like this is it any wonder American naivety is a parlor joke in three-quarters of the world?

The Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem was erected on a site holy to Judaism and it has been a practice throughout the history of this barbaric and fraudulent religion to build on the bloodied soil of its enemies. In 1453, Muslims took over the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople turning the historic Christian church into the Ayasofya Mosque. Today they justify the act as a refurbishment project.

The obvious question for anyone who has made even a cursory study of the Muslim religion is, When will America wake up?

Many of the WTC 9-11 families are outraged by this blatant attempt by Muslims to establish what is tantamount to a memorial to Mohammad Atta and the other 18 terrorists who took down the Trade Center nine years ago. All Americans should be.

The establishment of a mosque in Manhattan anywhere near the WTC site is nothing less than a travesty. And it must be stopped.

That New York City would even entertain the idea of this mosque is a clear demonstration that the US government is ignorant to the danger of this religion and its threat to every other religion and government on the face of the earth. Jihad is not a radical sect of Islam; it is the highest practice of the religion.

Our freedom is at stake.

Write your congressman, senators and the mayor of New York City. Tell them to stop this obscenity before it cost more American lives. Join with Pamela Geller and others in stopping this insanity now.

  1. The symbolism will not be lost to the Islamic world and points out the resolve of this warrior cult to conquer and convert-or kill all non muslims!
    I have a real problem with the idiots in NYC not stopping this stick-in-the-eye affront to our dead!

  2. The New York media are out beating the drum for the imam behind this mosque, Faisal Abdul Rauf, who, while claiming to be a moderate Muslim, has alleged that America was an “accessory” to the 9-11 attacks because of the harm we have done to Muslims.

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