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Republicans Are Wrong About Arizona Immigration

In The War on Speech on 11/05/2010 at 05:08

Two LAPD officers cuffing "profiled" suspect

For years Republicans have defended themselves against allegations of being racially insensitive if not out right racists. They have moved to the left to distance themselves from common sense policies, because they fear they will loose a bloc of voters not theirs to loose.

Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and practically every conservative political pundit in the country are harping on the fact that the new immigration legislation in Arizona prevents profiling and they are right.

The law is wrong.

According to the National Motorists Association between 25 and 50 million traffic citations are issued every year, garnering a whopping $4 to $7 billion a year in revenues to municipalities across the nation. If you’re the mayor of Oakdale, California you know what that means for your city.

Of course the whole racial profiling argument is a smokescreen to begin with, and patriotic Mexican Americans shouldn’t mind being stopped even if the cop is a jerk.

I’ve been stopped at least a hundred times in my life (I’m a fast driver), sometimes I had broken the law but most times I had not. I’ve been late to church, getting to social functions, late finishing my chores, and one time even late for work.

Law enforcement officers, second only to teachers, are the most underpaid, overworked professionals in this country, and they are the most maligned. They risk their lives every time they step out of a patrol car to make an inquiry.

Only a very ignorant or very disingenuous person will not understand that patrol officers do not enjoy getting out of their patrol units to make stops. The odds of injury or death, already stacked against an officer, go up dramatically every time he or she confronts another human being. For a police officer even eating lunch presents a danger. In Seattle, Washington last year four police officers were brutally murdered while eating breakfast.

Every Republican pundit in America should be heralding profiling as the only reasonable approach to security in our cities and on our borders. We are not at war with the Irish, the British are not invading us, but if they were we should be listening for accents.

Republicans cannot win this battle with progressives defensively. The media have already branded them as racists. They must develop an articulate policy statement on why profiling makes the country safer and trump it far and wide.

Profiling has very little to do with race, although that is certainly a consideration, especially on the Southern border and when profiling terrorists. But why shouldn’t it be used? Profiling is commonsense interdiction procedure.

Hispanic Americans who are irate over this law are being disingenuous. They are hiding a personal grudge against law enforcement or are involved in activities they don’t want known.

Sure there are a few bad cops out their and I’ve met some, but overall they are the best of our society, men and women who risk their lives to stand between us and evil, between us and anarchy.

The very idea that they get their kicks out of randomly stopping anyone because he or she is under suspicion of being Hispanic is a lie and we should start defending them.

If the GOP wants to increase its rolls with moderates and conservatives, Michael Steele –and he is the perfect man for the job – should develop a profiling plank and introduce it at the next national convention.

I know I would come back.


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