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Will The GOP Stop Progressives Or Mearly Help Them?

In The Wrong Right Turn on 10/05/2010 at 07:49

California GOP Senate Candidate Carly Fiorina

As encouraging as the numbers appear for conservative in the upcoming midterm election in November I have a bad taste in my mouth.

No doubt we are in for changes in both houses, but just what changes should concern those who want to see the country reeled back to those halcyon days of yesteryear, when a guy could buy a Big Mac without the government taking his waist measurements.

For 40 years when Republicans have had a little power they have done little to stem the tide of government intrusion into the lives of Americans, and in all too many cases they have outright advanced the progressive agenda.

Three or four of the early GOP primaries should disturb anyone who doesn’t want to see the same Beltway play continue.

First is Indiana, where the Tea Party candidates split the conservative vote, ushering in the establishment horse, Dan Coats. Is Coats a bad guy? No. But he is old guard GOP and that puts us right back where we started.

Then there is Rubio-Crist in Florida – and buckle in – I’m going to surprise you. Crist pulling ahead in the polls doesn’t bother me, it is a soft lead and Rubio can overcome it.

But Rubio bothers me.

Bother isn’t the right word. I’m pretty sure Rubio will do a good job if he wins, but his shocking stance against Arizona’s Immigration law and his sudden 180 turn when it didn’t play well in the media reminds me of John McCain’s “come to Jesus” transformation. And I don’t like it.

I’ve had enough with designer Republicans who have to check the polls before they can say what they believe. Rubio is right when he says the best solution to illegal immigration is for the federal government to do its job, but that hasn’t happened and is not likely to in the near future. He should have been gung-ho Arizona from the beginning and it bothers me that he was not.

Which brings me to Sarah Palin. I completely understood her endorsement of John McCain; as much as it rankled me she had to do it. But Palin’s endorsement of former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina bugs me big time. Here Palin squandered her political capitol in a way that not only gives her detractors ammo but also alienates her base.

Probably true that Fiorina is the only Republican who can when against Barbara Boxer in California but was that any reason for Palin to tap her? No. Fiorina was a Palin detractor in the early days of McCain-Palin, she is ridiculously liberal, and she will not return the support should Palin decide to run in 2012.

For two years I have defended Palin like a big brother but this move was stupid. No endorsement she made could have helped either herself or the party in California and she should have stayed out of the race.

These three races show a trend in the Tea Party’s influence in the upcoming midterm and it is disturbing. Tea Party members will almost certainly not vote for either Coats in Indiana or Fiorina in California, and that could mean Democratic wins in both states. And there are similar lesser-known races in other states that show the same trend.

In yesterday’s huge upset in Utah, Tea Partiers split their vote after dumping GOP big spender Bob Bennett, giving the Democrat an undue leg up. They could have avoided a runoff by holding a pow-wow and selecting their strongest candidate. Some argue the contest is healthy and normally I might agree but not in the current climate.

Almost any Republican is better than the Democrats currently running the country. But if we return a lot of these old-guard bureaucrats what is the point? McCain will most likely be back, Lindsey Graham isn’t up until 2012, and … well can you say Amnesty?

  1. All true and Palin should have stayed out of California’s race…Bush had many opportunities in many areas and did nothing. However, he did get 2 conservatives on the court and that is a biggie!

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