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Profile, Baby, Profile

In Harvard Math on 07/05/2010 at 07:06

Elderly woman profiling ATS officer?

The suspension of six San Francisco Bay Area high school students for wearing American flag tee shirts on Cinco de Bye-Bye-O proves once and for all that profiling works.

The boys were white, the shirts were Old Navy, and … What? They didn’t join in to sing “La Bamba?” Somebody call Al Sharpton. Extradite these miscreants to Guadalajara. Next thing you know their fathers will be buying them guns for graduation. And you know what that leads to—Tea Parties. Next stop Oklahoma City, and Kaboom!

Every veteran and every taxpayer within driving distance should be storming the steps of that school tomorrow.

What the hell is this place coming to? This week the media are in a feeding frenzy because Sarah Palin dared mention that America is a Christian nation. This to the astonishment of Newsweek Magazine (which, incidentally, the Washington Post can’t sell for scrap paper) columnist David Waters.

Breaking News, David: We ain’t Muslim yet!

The Democrats historically have been able to turn over a rock somewhere and find a cowering Republican to tell us that we need to be more sensitive on immigration. Tada! Out comes Connie Mack, Mark Rubio and, well, who’s running for reelection in New Mexico? Just dial 1-800-IMA-WHIMP.

Who do these morons think are invading the country?

The Left in this country has been profiling for thirty years. They profiled Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas; the feminists profiled Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

The Right has held itself to a stringent set of PC rules designed by Liberals for conservatives and that they change whenever the political winds shift to suit them.

These boys in San Francisco are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Left’s attack on freedom of speech in this nation, and if the GOP and conservatives at large let them get away with it, it will soon be illegal to carry the Stars and Stripes.

Thirty years without profiling groups dangerous to the security of our nation gave us the 9-11 terrorists. Just how many WASPS do you think sign up for flying lessons and want to skip takeoff and landing? It has given us Fort Hood, and the Littlerock recruiter shootings.

It seems futile to pound this drum night after night, but we better damn well start profiling, and soon. Southern Baptist grandmothers in wheelchairs are not trying to destroy us. The Idaho Militia is not running drugs across our Southern borders.

Cinco de Mayo is NOT a holiday anywhere north of Juarez. So how is it that someone here on the good graces of the American people, in spite of their illegal status, can have an American flag thrown off campus?

Americans are paying the taxes to finance this nonsense and it is time for us to have a say in how those taxes are spent. Thousands are out of work in California alone and the City of Los Angeles employs 972,000 “informal workers.” Code for illegal aliens.

It is time for citizens to profile and target politicians and civil servants who defy the will of the people, and bring pressure to get them out.

  1. Even more troubling is the ousting of intended Marine recruits because they are from the South and got themselves a “Stars and Bars” tattoo without realizing our PC crazy idiots in the Pentagon see this as “racist”! I’m a Vietnam Vet and if that policy was in place in 1967 the Tet offensive would have been a victory for Hanoi! Three guesses which segment of young America answered the call to defend the country? PS–it wasn’t “Haavard” graduates!
    This is simply madness carried to the 12th power, with these kids in San Fran. observing how their own govt. disrespects THEIR FLAG!
    Fire the idiots that made this decision! For all our sakes!

  2. What concerns me most is the American public that lets this stuff go on without getting involved, even at the local level. I hear the parents are having it out with the school, but where is the support? These teachers have an agenda and they must be stopped.

  3. I hope we fire most of Wash. D.C. and William , thanks for serving our country!
    right on to you both…….

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