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Obama-Think: The Apples and Oranges of War and Law

In Obamarama, The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 05/05/2010 at 06:05

Once again, this White House has shown itself to be, not only inept at dealing with a war that is increasingly coming back to where it began, at Ground Zero, but bizarrely unattached to the fact that we are a nation at war at all.

From the Littlerock Army Recruitment Shooting in July last year, to this week’s failed attempt on New York City, not only Obama, but virtually every member of his cabinet has been slow on the uptake.

When Eric Holder gave an unprecedented early hour press statement this morning, actually using the word, te … te … te … terrorist, Fox News anchors Gregg Jarrod and Ainsley Earhardt found themselves wondering aloud why the Attorney General would be taking an interview at such a late hour.

He wants to appear to be on top of this, someone opined. When Fox News has to defend Holder you know we’re in trouble. Yet it is classic Obama-think. Downplay the seriousness of an event – even deny it – then rush to play catch-up later.

What we are witnessing here is not a glitch of bureaucratic incompetence, although the administration right down to the file clerks certainly fits that definition.

It is retrograde, pre-9-11 thinking. Certainly not on the part of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, they did a splendid job, but within the administration itself.

To understand it, one must understand the rationale of the New Left in the United States. We are not at war. The World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks were in some way justified for the racist policies of an oppressive nation long overdue for a comeuppance.

Even if the attack was a terrorist attack, it was not organized; it was an amateur, an overzealous lone wolf, who acted without the cooperation of the – and they have trouble getting this word out, as well – enemy.

Why does the administration have trouble admitting Islamic jihadists are the enemy? Because capitalism is the only enemy they know. For the last 30 years every Poly-Sci student in the US has been taught to believe it.

It is the reason most Americans were left scratching their heads when the President waited four days to make a statement after the Christmas Day Bombing attempt.

While the Right in America has long seen this school of thought scornfully comic in its naïveté, the way we have cavalierly addressed it for nearly 50 years has brought it horrifyingly center stage.

It is Obama-think and it is mainstream.

This is where apples meet oranges: The progressive see’s the former war on terror as a civil rights issue; they see war as a negotiation.

It is both hopelessly naïve and conspiratorial, and long before Obama, it infiltrated our government and armed services. War by its very definition demands that a nation either breaks the enemy’s will to fight, or utterly destroys that enemy. Civil rights become largely irrelevant.

Do you see that happening in this war? In Afghanistan? Did we see it in Iraq with Bush? No. What we are seeing is nation-building passivism that prevents our military from bringing the enemy to their knees. T-ball warfare, no winners, no losers.

And while we are trying to persuade the Afghanis to replace their opium crops young men and women are dying.

How long are you willing to subject your children to that kind of scenario? How many steel boxes draped with American flags will be enough? How do we win against an enemy that will not be defeated by our goodwill?

It is the same on the US front. The administration after a rudimentary interrogation, once again Mirandized this terrorist, and there has hardly been a peep in the press.

Obama’s fundamental misunderstanding of the necessity of quick, decisive action will eventually cost more domestic casualties. We must either pull out the stops in this war, or we will lose it.


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