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Lousiana Spill An Obama-Caused Disaster?

In Reaganology, Weekly Rant on 01/05/2010 at 07:02

On March 24, 1989, the Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska. It is considered the greatest man-caused disaster in history, never mind it doesn’t even rank close to the worst oil spill. An evil oil company was responsible for this spill.

The captain of the ship, of course, had been drinking, but as soon as he was banished to environmental purgatory we all knew that the real culprit was Exxon.

Here we go again. Nearly a dozen workers lost their lives two weeks ago when a British Petroleum well blew off the coast of Louisiana. Barack Obama leaped to action … today. That’s right, he waited a week and a half to take meaningful action to contain the spill.

This, friends, is a man-caused disaster of extraordinary proportions, oil companies are getting rich while otters, pelecans and fruit flies are dying. Well, that’s the Left’s big concern, right?

In his press conference today President Obama didn’t extend his condolences to the families of dead workers; he’ll get to that as soon as he has a wildlife casualty report. He did, however, SWAT teams to the area, apparently probing the disaster as a possible environmental terrorist act. Where was Al Gore when the well went up?

However, it appears that Obama has already found the culprit and he immediately levied penalties … on the United States. Oh he has identified BP as responsible for the intial disaster but he has decided to punish us. This from the Los Angeles Times:

In Rose Garden remarks meant to showcase the improving economy, Obama pivoted to talk about the oil rig explosion. Arguing that oil company BP is ultimately responsible, Obama said he continues to support oil drilling as part of an energy package, “but I’ve always said it must be done responsibly, for the safety of our workers and our environment.”

The President wants us to know that he will continue his responsible petroleum drilling policy but – and this came through White House goon David Axelrod – future drilling in the Gulf is suspended.

We now have a classic Obama crisis.

Of course, Cuba is drilling gung-ho in the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico and China and Venezuela and … heck, who isn’t either exploring or drilling in the Gulf?

Okay, let’s sum it up: Obama waited eight days to act on a natural disaster which is already being touted as possibly eclipsing the Exxon Valdez spill. He let the spill get hopelessly out of hand and missed the vitally important window to burn off the much of the slick before it reached shore.

So, using the Democrat rationale that Katrina was a Bush-caused disaster, is the BP spill an Obama-caused disaster?

There is a very real casualty her due to Obama’s failure to act, albeit less immediate than Katrina. Thousands are now receiving their walking papers in the petroleum industry, but that is only the beginning. What about the fishermen and the support businesses that depend on both of these industries?

But let’s not blame this, at least completely, on Barack Obama. For 40 years the U.S. States Congress has been more concerned about their ocean views and environmental ratings by “watchdog groups,” than they are about the U.S. economy or energy independence from foreign countries that seek our distruction.

Oil spills happen. The seas of the world belch out tens of thousands barrels a day without any human assistance. But even oil company accidents are a cost of doing business in a petroleum based enconomy. You have never seen a beach that has been petroleum free unless it was the result of man-caused cleaning.

Prince William Sound – and I have this on good authority – is as pristine as it ever was, and Louisiana will eventually rebound, as well.
But if these ecological hypocondriacs on both sides of the aisle in Congress are allowed to drag their feet, stall and outright sabotage energy independence, the otters and pelicans on the Gulf Coast will be the least of our worries.

In the words of the late Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here, is failure to communicate.”

It is time the Tea Parties nationwide communicate loudly, and go after the wacko Left on Energy.

The mantra sould be “Sanity, Baby, Sanity.”

  1. 60% of the oil leaked into the world’s oceans occurs spontaneously from the natural ocean formations! Manmade “disasters” account for a small fraction of what Nature does–just like carbon emissions, (check out how much gets released annually by volcano’s)!
    Yes it’s a tragic event–which was ignored by the administration until we had another “crisis” to be exploited! Where was the concern for the 11 new dead workers–remember the media coverage and concern of the administration over the recent coal mine deaths?
    Failure to communicate?– more like politics as usual!

  2. The failure to communicate is ours. We should put these clowns in Washington out of business.

  3. It is criminal not to drill our own oil. I heard one Muslim say that if every American would think of every time we put gasoline in the tank of our cars that money is going into the hands of the terrorists to use against us, the American people would be up in arms….but then many Americans are brain dead when it come to our countries policy’s….I had one very educated friend tell me she just sticks her head in the sand and doesn’t want to know…I hope, to God, that those kind of Americans don’t vote…..

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