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In The Haters, Weekly Rant on 29/04/2010 at 05:13

When Rush Limbaugh yelled into the golden EIB microphone at “Femi-Nazis” in the 1990s, only the dimwits in Rio Lindo believed that he actually meant they were Nazis. Rush was using hyperbole to drive home a larger point.

That isn’t the interpretation Katie Couric would have you believe, but it is nonetheless true.

The use of metaphor and hyperbole is a recognized journalistic mechanism used to put forth a salient point. Glenn Beck has used the Nazi comparison in likening many of the Obama and Bush administrations’ methods, and, while it is not hyperbole, he makes an historical argument.

Right now the so-called “mainstream” media and Democrat politicians are fueling Arizona protests by leftist front groups by implying that the state’s new alien identification law is racist, akin to apartheid and Nazism. This week both Couric and Diane Sawyer shamefully represented the dispute as racist.

This is not hyperbole or metaphor.

The difference being, when the Left calls you a Nazi or the equivalent of one, they mean it literally. They want the world to think you are dangerous, that you present a threat to human life. Al Sharpton, the poster boy for race-baiting rhetoric, means it when he calls Arizonans racists and Nazis.

The American Jewish community and every African American citizen should be outraged when Couric and the others use the disingenuous journalistic mechanism, “some say this is akin to Nazi Germany …” to create fear where no threat exits.

But it works.

Even Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are running for the boondocks to distance themselves from the Arizona law. Why? Fear of minority voter backlash. Never mind that the Cuban migration of the 20th century had nothing in common with the mass invasion on the Mexican border.

Nothing any Bush does surprises me but Rubio is a disappointment.

Why is the Left so upset about this law? Let’s be clear: it does not give Arizona law enforcement the right to randomly stop and demand anyone’s legal status, in fact it specifically prevents it. They cannot arbitrarily, as Sharpton and Keith Olbermann suggest, inspect anyone’s “papers.”

What does the Arizona law actually do? In a nutshell: it requires proof of citizenship before and person can vote and receive social services; it requires valid identification (not papers, but a state ID, driver’s license or green card) to secure employment. It requires everyone – white, black, Hispanic and everything in between – to carry ID.

It requires that one must have legal status to be here. Anyone who has been through airport security in the last 10 years realizes that that is not too much to ask.

At the end of the day, friends, this is about Democratic votes, illegal votes, and if Republicans and the American people cave in to it, our most precious freedom is gone.


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