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That Change Thang? It’s All In The Wrist

In Obamarama on 27/04/2010 at 05:29

When Barack was at Harvard learning how to overthrow the government he must have cut leadership 101 classes. He has managed the Democrat mega-swing to the Left with all the finesse of a junkyard dog on an Amway salesman.

In spite of the lackluster leadership of the Republicans in the Senate and the House, they stand a good chance to regain both houses of Congress in November. Even Michael Steele’s scandal-ridden chairmanship of the RNC hasn’t seemed to staunch Democrat bleeding as we approach the primary season.

Why? How in the world could the Democrats have been so stupid? Well, their first mistake was during the 2008 primaries when they trampled Hillary Clinton stampeding for the coveted title of First Party to Nominate a Black Candidate.

Hillary Clinton may not possess the charisma of Barack, and those pantsuits may make her look like the north end of a southbound bus, but she is shrewder by leaps and bounds than BHO.

In all of her time at State, even with fumble after disastrous fumble to the Christmas Day Bombing attempt, Hillary has remained unscathed.

The philosophical difference between Clinton and Obama is virtually nonexistent; they are both Alinsky radicals. Yet, while most Americans perceive Hillary as moderate, Barack comes off like the biggest lefty since Eugene V. Debs.

Lets look at Barry From Washington’s record to date.

He has taken a jackhammer to our foreign policy. After five requests by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Obama finally granted him and audence; France’s Nicholas Sarkozy has shown genuine distaste for the man; and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s body language had to alert the Secret Service to Code Red status.

And what has he gained for all of his overtures to the European lefties and Third World rogue states? Nada. Ahmadinejad laughs him to scorn, Hugo Chavez mocks him, and Vladimir Putin plays him like a Ken doll.

Behind the scenes Obama is hemorrhaging Democrat support. In a rare candid instance, Senate Democrat Charles Schumer openly rebuked BHO’s mishandling of Israel last week, and House liberal Anthony Weiner joined him today. The sudden revolt was no doubt due to drainage of Democrats’ Jewish support, a perennial Democratic staple, since the President took office a year ago.

What has happened here? The flim flam act has worn thin on the electorate. Liberals no longer believe Obama to be their Che Guevara and moderates, who thought George Bush was Satan in the flesh, are wishing he were back.

Obama has mishandled virtually every political opportunity that has crossed his desk since taking office, from GITMO and the 9-11 terrorist trials, to his radical energy policy and jobs. He has torpedoed any significant chance at bipartisan support for what remains of his agenda.

Immigration is his last chance and it is not a bad strategy to rile liberal Hispanics, but will it be enough? It is certainly doubtful he can completely sell it to rural Democrats who want to be reelected in the fall. And still spell trouble for the midterms.

Barack Obama represents the single best chance for Republicans to take over the government since Ronald Reagan wooed away moderate Democrats and independents in 1979. Now if the don’t blow it.

  1. Right on!!!

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