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J.D. Hayworth’s ‘Birther Bill’: Sign It Now

In Can You Hear Me Now? on 26/04/2010 at 07:36

Arizona Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth

J.D. Hayworth’s position on Arizona’s so-called “Birther Bill” (Senate Bill 1024) is not on the wacko fringe at all, as some in the media have recently tried to frame it; in fact the law is, if anything, long overdue.

Some of you may remember the B-1 Bob Dornan campaign against Loretta Sanchez in California during the 1990s. In that election, 748 illegals voted, nearly enough to have changed the outcome.

If you think that that is not happening on an increasing basis, you are either a moron or hopelessly naïve. Or you are one of the culprits out there registering illegals.

Arizona is seeking to end the possibility of anything similar to the Dornan-Sanchez race occurring in their state. It is not fantastic or absurd to require proof of citizenship to be eligible to vote. No true American citizen should have a problem with it.

This is a law that should be enacted in every state in the Union, and Federal Election Laws should be amended as well. Voting in this country is a freedom coveted the world over, and failing to protect that freedom will eventually lead to the nation’s downfall.

The Left is labeling SB 1024 as the “Birther Law” for the reason of liking it to what is perceived a wacky fringe movement. The law is nothing of the kind.

So what do I think of the Birther’s argument? I think that you cannot prove a negative. You don’t have the evidence to prove Barack Obama is not a citizen and in continuing the fruitless crusade only goes to dilute your credibility.

It is far too late to dethrone Obama. He was elected by a popular and electoral majority. Nothing will change that now short of impeachment for a crime. And, tell me, do you honestly, think that is going to happen? To the nation’s first black president?

However, unless he shows proof of citizenship, he will not be on the ballot in Arizona. And that I love!

Arizona has drafted a good law, and I hope the Governor signs it and it catches fire across the nation. I also hope J.D. Hayworth cleans John McCain’s clock. McCain is and always has been pro-Amnesty.

And all you Sarah Palin fans out there, I am a fan too. Palin is paying off a political debt. McCain is responsible for her rise to fame and prominence in the conservative movement, but there is no question in my mind that she is closer to Hayworth’s positions than the Senator’s.

Remember, the media is also for McCain, and we all know what that means.

  1. Seems reasonable to me! Give me a scenario where this bill would deny anyone the right to run or vote!

  2. The Dems do not want any proof of citizenship for voters as they would not have gotten those 748 Sanchez votes and many other illegal votes. It is outrageous that this proof is not imposed. I also hope Hayworth beats out McCain. He may especially since the rancher was shot down in AZ recently. People are fed up! The crimes by illegals are out of hand. Think of the protected illegal that shot down a father and 2 sons in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, and the wife & mother cannot even win a lawsuit against the city, even tho’ he had been arrested for previous crimes and not deported…It is outrageous… the Mayor would not even apologize to her…..
    I’m not so sure that AZ won’t win this…we’ll see!

  3. One of the problems here is the disingeuousness of the Republicans. Kimberly Gillfoyle on Fox was married SF mayor Gavin Newsom and she is supporting Jerry Brown. No true conservative could do that.
    Solving illegal immigration isn’t pleasant; it’s tough love. I want immigration. It is our heritage. Interloping is not immigration.

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