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Arizona, Amnesty, Obama and La Raza

In The Wrong Right Turn, Weekly Rant on 25/04/2010 at 08:10

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor La Raza Member

The left has owned the immigration debate for years. It shows in every story the print and electronic media run on the subject. They have shaped the vernacular and framed the issue in terms that suit their bias.

The first way we can know this is by the misnomer itself. The influx of millions of illegals – largely across the Southern borders – has nothing to do with immigration.

It has to do with interloping. Trespassing.

Yet the media quickly seized the initiative by employing the “immigration” banner, as though this were all some kind of bureaucratic snafu, and they have continued the deception by using terms such as “alien” and “undocumented” to soften the idea in public perception.

It worked tremendously. I don’t know about you, but I have known dozens of illegals over the years, and my experience with them has been for the most part positive. One of my dearest friends began his life in the U.S. as an illegal and today owns a successful restaurant. But hundreds if not thousands of Hispanics die each year trying to enter the U.S.

One of the great tragedies of the Reagan administration was his Amnesty Bill. The Amnesty wasn’t in itself a bad idea but not building up the INS and the Border Patrol to deal with future interlopers has proved disastrous.

The government since that time has continued to fail both the American people and the millions Mexicans and South Americans who have come here to feed their families. And no one has easy answers.

I believe that Arizona will eventually lose this battle when it is finally taken up, as it surely will be, by the Supreme Court. Probably the better strategy would have been for Arizona join with other willing states and entities in a class action against the U.S. Government. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know.

What I do know is that Barack Obama has been cutting industries and issues out of the heard and ceasing power unlike any President in U.S. history, and he is on “immigration” like a flea on a birddog.

The Arizona law is absolutely right. It merely extends authority to Arizona law enforcement to implement the statutes that the federal government has been remiss in carrying out.

Arizonans feel helpless. The state legislature has every right to cut off resources and employment to illegals. People are dying and Arizona has an enormous related crime problem.

But the issue is complicated. What about the citizen children born to these illegal parents? Do they also return to the parents’ country of origin? Not so fast. Like it or not they are citizens of the United States.

In passing this bill, Arizona has handed Barack Obama his next “crisis.” He will use the sword with relish.

In the coming months (and summer is on us) leftist front groups like La Raza will mobilize and I will not be surprised to see riots as the fervor ramps up. We all need to remember this when we vote, not only in the next two elections, but also as a life lesson.

Get vocal.

  1. I lived in Arizona and Colorado in the 80’s, and even then the influx of illegals was massive! I was an RN in several hospitals in Tucson and Denver and the favored way to obtain medical care for Mexican illegals was to smuggle the “patients” across the border and literally “dump” them in the ED of an American hospital so they could receive top quality medical and surgical treatment–all on our dime! Then their illegal “relatives” would come over to visit Grandma or Grandpa in the hospital and stay until one of the women gave birth to an anchor baby–also on our dime! You get the picture?

    • Yes I do William. What I am saying is that the situation is complicated. If I were a Mexican or a Guatemalan I’m sure I would be doing the same thing. But we have allowed millions to come without having any idea who they are. When people like Geraldo Rivera call the Arizona legislation the “anti-immigration” law, it is a lie. I am for Immigration and I think most Americans are. A law to secure our borders is not anti immigration, it is anti invasion. The government’s inaction on this has created a massive subculture, and although I believe we need an amendment to the Constitution preventing automatic citizenship, right now anyone born here is a citizen. Living in America should be a precious privilege, not a squatter’s right, which is what we have.

  2. Anchor babies…they are indeed citizens of the united states. But what do we do with them if thier parents(illegals for the purpose of this comment) get deported? Well, it seems to me that an American citizen should never be exiled to a stink-hole like mexico. So, I have a solution, it wont sound very nice, but it is EXACTLY what we do to American children whose parents are American citizens, when THOSE parents break our laws. PUT THE BABIES IN FOSTER CARE OR PUT THEM UP FOR ADOPTION. Send the law breakers to jail, or deport them back to thier home country. But the American citizen child gets to stay here. Sounds cruel you say? well, like I said, thats what we do to AMERICAN citizens EVERY DAY in this country, if those american citizens disregard our laws the same way the illegal, trespassing foriegners do.

    • Like I say, it is a massive problem. What I do know it that doing nothing is not only bad for Americans but bad for those who come here illegally. But Americans are not unified on this. Seventy percent of Arizonans are in favor of the new law, but ask how many would buy into your solution for the children and you will see a significant change in the numbers. Which is my point. In either case, it puts a huge burden on the taxpayer.

  3. We need to change, as you say, the legality of children born here to illegals.
    We need to close the borders to anyone except legal Americans, all borders, until we get the illegal invasion under control.
    We need to enforce very high fines on the owner of business that hire the illegals and that would stop many of them. funny how the politicians are not addressing this issue very strongly on either side.
    The legal immigrants here do not like illegals taking what could be their jobs. Sheriff Joe raided a Mc Donalds in AZ recently and found 32 illegals working there. He just freed up 32 jobs for legal workers. No mention of a fine to the owner.
    This is not a racist issue and I have a Mexican Son-in-law and a Chinese Dtr-in-law and it makes me and them livid when racism is brought into this!!! And, by the way, they are for controlling all of our borders.

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