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Charlie Crist’s Ambitions and The Not So Kinder Gentler IRS

In The Wrong Right Turn on 23/04/2010 at 05:01

Barack Obama and Florida Governor Charlie Crist

There is an interesting article in the American Spectator today entitled, “Charlie’s Revenge,” about Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s call for a federal investigation of Republican Party of Florida finances.

A week or so ago I posted what now seems to me a rather lackluster essay on the 2010 Census in which I must have seemed to come down somewhere in the middle. I am not in the middle on the Census or anything else an Obama administration controls. The Census is insanely over the top. But the GOP may suffer serious damage if House seats are lost because we don’t fill it out. That, and, face it, the government will get this information eventually.

A case in point is this over-tanned politician in Florida who has just given Obama carte blanche to investigate not only his opponent, Marco Rubio, but also every other Republican in the state. These suspected financial wrongdoings, real or contrived by a governor who views his opponent as an interloper on his plans, will be investigated in part, by the new and growing larger as we speak, Obama IRS.

What I know about Florida politics couldn’t fill a thimble. I like Marco Rubio for as much as I know about him, but that is very little. He may be guilty of the malfeasance Crist is suggesting in his campaign ads, and then again he may not. That is for you Floridians to work out.

What does concern me is the IRS and the FBI, whom it now appears Obama can unleash on anyone he sees as a threat to his political designs after the 2010 midterms.

The smallness of Crist will go down, no doubt, in Florida and possibly American history, especially if the IRS is able to beg, barrow or steal a scandal over a $133 rent-a-car expenditure on Rubio’s RPOF credit card. Because that’s what we are talking here. Anyone who has ever witnessed a federal prosecutor at work on a mark hasn’t seen anything compared to IRS latitude to wreak havoc on someone’s professional and personal life.

What we know historically is that original government mandates mean nothing when it comes to establishing bureaucracies. Social Security, Medicare, Department of Energy, and, yes, the IRS have all vastly exceeded their initial mandates.

I suspect—although I cannot know for certain—that the administration’s plan for the IRS, beyond its obvious usefulness in regulating the population’s new health care buying experience, is far greater than anyone might have imagined only a year ago. Obama will almost without question use it as a policing arm of his administration, beyond its mandated roll in collecting taxes. And Florida is an excellent crash test dummy.

Any number of things could happen as the result of Crist’s pulling the trigger on an investigation that should have been handled within the party. First, Marco Rubio could go down in flames for financial malfeasance, or even the impression of wrongdoing. Something tells me that will not be the case but it could happen.

What is more likely to happen – and it already seems to be heading this way – is that the feds will launch an investigation into the RPOF and even Crist’s conduct. The investigation so far has been centered on his appointee to the top RPOF financial post. In that case, the whole thing could end up destroying Charlie Crist, not only politically, but literally.

At the end of the day, however, the far bigger issue is Obama’s desire to regulate everything we do by expanding government and strangling personal freedoms.

  1. shades of the clinton group……now we have another thug or thugs…..obama & crist ! how nice

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