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McCain Becomes Border Hawk as Hayworth Closes In

In The Wrong Right Turn on 21/04/2010 at 07:10

In writing any article on John McCain it is almost obligatory to mention his war record as one of the most prominent members of the “Hanoi Hilton” club. He deserves every American’s respect if not reverence his for heroism.

But that does not make him a conservative.

John McCain has found himself in a fix in his contest with Arizona conservative J.D Hayworth. How does a four-term Republican U.S. Senator with an abysmally liberal domestic record redefine himself to voters as a Reagan conservative? He came to Congress in 1982 as just that, but by the end of the Reagan years he was already moving left on his domestic record.

These days McCain is out busily rewriting his political history on the “I am not a maverick, I’ve never been a maverick, I don’t even know a maverick” Campaign Express.

But how does he un-write McCain-Feingold, the very bill that enabled Barack Obama to out fundraise him according to some estimates by 8 to 1 in the 2008 presidential contest? Mark Levin calls McCain’s eponymous campaign finance bill “the most brazen frontal assault on political speech since Buckley v. Valeo.”

Let’s look at a couple of things you may not know about John McCain:

Indian Gaming: McCain, a lifelong gambler, is largely responsible for the creation and expansion of the $26 billion-a-year Indian gaming industry. He has had questionable ties to the lobbyists and the tribes they represent. The argument here is that gaming brings revenue to poor Indian tribes. Take a look around a few reservations sometime and see if it’s worked.

He has joined with the ACLU to grant due process to terrorist combatants.
He has used his Vietnamese nightmare to put the kibosh on waterboarding, a method far removed from the daily torture he received from the North Vietnamese.

Along with a lot of other Republicans, John McCain became Washingtonized years ago.  Next Exhibit: Cap-and-Trade: Let’s get this straight: cap-and-trade – any cap-and-trade policy – is a whacko “greenie” idea meant to regulate every drop of oil you buy or consume, and how you use it. Sound conservative to you?

Recently McCain has taken to attacking Hayworth for his “connections” to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Let me say this: If J.D. Hayworth has ever been criminally connected to Abramoff, then John McCain should be in federal prison for his ties to Charles Keating. The truth is that neither Hayworth nor McCain were criminally involved with either man.

And now suddenly John McCain is a border hawk. He is calling for the troops on the border that he decried for so many years, and he is even turning his head to the occasional racial profiling that may result, because illegal traffic is “becoming” increasingly dangerous.

Is this the same John McCain who co-drafted McCain-Kennedy, the broadest pro illegal immigration amnesty bill in history? Suddenly – presto-chango – dangerous criminals are crossing our borders? Where has he been for the last twenty years? Well, in Washington, that’s where.

Naw, this couldn’t be because McCain is in the fight for his political life and Hayworth is closing in on him.

Yes, Senator, we should have troops on the U.S. border with Mexico and this time they should actually carry loaded weapons like real soldiers.

John McCain is a wealthy man and there are many ways in which he can serve his nation, but, frankly, he would be more help to conservatives if he only signed on as a tour guide at the Vietnam Memorial.

  1. Yes, McCain is a hero and deserves respect but he is not a conservative. It is time for him to leave the
    Senate. Let’s get a guy that really wants to protect our borders…

  2. Protecting the borders is only about 20% of the issue. Let me ask you this once the “mighty and proven” JD protects the borders, what do you do with the millions of undocumented illegals in AZ? Do you even realize how complicated of an issue this is? Do you round them up one by one and send them back creating the prime atmosphere for terror and civil unrest? Do you shoot on site as some right wing extremist have suggested? Or do we just continue living and turn a blind eye? Well I know one thing, political rhetoric and tough talk will NOT solve this problem, so let’s get real here and stop the BS!

  3. No, one cannot ignore them, and in all fairness, we have let them come in and done nothing for decades. If I were them, I would want to come here too, but the issue is to stop the bleeding now before we can deal with the ones that are here. McCain is the typical old politician that didn’t do anything and now that he is threatened at losing his seat he is all of a sudden a hawk on protecting the border….he’s just not believable.

    • I know at least a dozen undocumented aliens and they are salt of the earth. You are so right in saying they are not to blame. McCain could have been in the lead on this; his constituency has been complaining for years. Now he acts as though the problem cropped up last year. No. his is not believable.

  4. JD has such a pathetic reputation and it is not rumored, it is factual. JD had his chance in Washington, he blew it, lost it to a democrat. No way we chance that happening again, especially not now! JD was a big spender in Washington, another reason to keep him out. JD was considered the dumbest member in Congress back then, nothing has changed! JD was a blowhard then, again, nothing has changed. JD was buddy buddy with criminal Abramoff, he lacks morals and ethics, again, nothing has changed. JD was running for this seat while on radio, a testimony to the lack of ethics this guy has. NO WAY JD!

    • None of which tells us what to do about John McCain who will – and you can count on this – advance Barack Obama’s domestic agenda tooth and nail. I’ll admit I have problems with Hayworth and have for years, but as a conservative he is leaps and bounds better than McCain. As far as being buddies with Abramoff, you can’t get much closer than McCain and Keating, and his relationship with the Indian gaming people is more than dubious. I suppose in a perfect world I wouldn’t care what Arizona does, but Reid and Pelosi have shown me that it matters to the Union which Senators are going to represent the states nationwide for conservatives. Hayworth was a big spender but I’d rather see him spending in the other direction than see McCain go along with cap-and-trade and green energy. Obama has just begun here, and he will destroy this economy if the Lindsey Grahams and McCains are all we have to fight him off.

  5. McCain is very proactive in helping our boarders, people. Pay attention. Hayworth is just such a thick-headed buffoon that he’s attracting the loud minority of uber-right wingers who want the boarders protected so bad they want to go against the constitution and initiate racial profiling. And is that really AZ’s biggest issue? I don’t think so. I would say the economy is, especially if we keep wasting money on making racism legally encouraged. McCain is the guy to get the job done in a tasteful way that doesn’t make AZ the laughing stalk of the nation.

  6. Typical left-wing rhetoric. If profiling is necessary we should do it. My article makes very clear that this is not a Hispanic problem; it is our government and you whack jobs on the left that created the problem. Don’t lecture us on the Constitution. The minute someone disagrees with you, you start race baiting.

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