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In The Wrong Right Turn on 17/04/2010 at 09:36

Just when we thought Michael Steele had stooped as low as a Republican can go by cleverly but shamefully pulling the race card after the Voyeur Bar scandal, he stoops even lower, by joining Al Sharpton to take his show on the road. Now we learn that he may have made an RNC contribution to Sharpton’s National Action Network.

Al Sharpton, whom sociologist Orlando Patterson has called a racist and arsonist, preached his first sermon at age 4 and has been scamming the public ever since. His shameless, inflammatory promotion of Tawana Brawley’s rape allegations against Dutchess County New York D.A. Steven Pagones, demolished the prosecutor’s career before it was established that Brawley had perpetrated a hoax.

Sharpton has been extorting business owners and corporations A for years by threatening protests and boycotts while simultaneously soliciting donations and sponsorships from them. The idea that any Republican leader would legitimize this demagogue is beyond understanding.

What happened to the Michael Steele who so proudly wore his ethnicity as a badge of honor against the lies of the Left that the Republican Party is an exclusive white boy’s club?

Where is the commonality between Al Sharpton, a man who makes his living by inflaming racial unrest and has enriched himself by cheap, underhanded chicanery, and Steele, a man of integrity and principal?

Their color? Surely that is the only thing in the world this decent but misguided man has in common with the likes of Al Sharpton. It has to be that or Michael Steele is simply not the man we thought we knew.

Recent charges are disturbing enough. But with the country’s future at stake, Steele has stepped too far over the line to come back.

In the words of Armstrong Williams:

With unemployment at Depression-era highs and public angst brewing over President Obama’s disastrous health reform, indeed the time is ripe for the Republican Party to step up its fundraising efforts and move to crush its opponents this November. Yet instead of capitalizing on this rising tide of discontent, the GOP finds itself mired in controversy about lavish spending on everything from limos to private aircraft. Why would a donor—any donor—entrust his/her funds to a political cause that burns through money like an AIG futures trader?

I’ll go Mr. Williams one better. While tens of thousands of Tea Party members are gathering across the nation wondering where the GOP has been, why is Steele speaking to a bunch of race baiters who think of him as nothing more than an Oreo sellout? Why is he not out there winning back Tea Party conservatives?

The GOP had an opportunity to redeem itself with millions of Americans who have felt betrayed for nearly a decade of overspending and crooked deals. It was a precious opportunity but it is lost. Republicans may win in November, but the brand is still tarnished.

What have we learned from the actions of Michael Steele? We have learned that at the end of the day the Republican Party hasn’t changed a bit.

  1. Hi Don, I lost the COMMENT section when I
    switched to Firefox. Finally got it back again!

    Unfortunately, the “Race Card” number is not
    over with yet. Probably should have the definition in the Dictionary. Should be soon.

    Great article

    • Good to have you back, Jack. Yep, I’m afraid you’re right. This disappointed me greatly with Steele. I thought he was above it. And the timing is very critical. Republicans can’t stand the distraction.

  2. A big disappointment and linking up with Sharpton? Maybe Steele isn’t the man we thought he was……

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