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In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 16/04/2010 at 06:10

We’ve all known it for sometime. Islamic extremists are a thing of the past in the Obama administration.

Barack Obama’s continued appeasement of Islamics, and, therefore, the rise of Islamic extremism, is something that should concern every American, regardless of his or her political affiliation. For centuries without respite, practitioners of the Islamic faith have committed unthinkable atrocities against anyone and everyone with whom they disagree.

The toll worldwide is staggering. Stoning is commonplace in Muslim tradition and is rarely reported by the western media. The movie The Stoning of Soraya M is one movie that amazingly made the cut in Hollywood, and every American should see it.

Liberals in the media are always quick to point out that radical Islamics are but a small percentage of the worldwide population, but conservative estimates are well over 10%, far above radical sects of any other mainstream religion. That amounts to conservatively more than 110 million. Sharia law is now one of the most practiced legal systems in the world.

From antiquity to the Holocaust and into the present day Muslims have been involved in brutality against every religious sect on the planet, not to mention against dissenters within their own religion.

Religion, however, is not exactly the right word in referring to Islam; it is more a political credo. True, it has a religious dogma, but Islam has a worldview that is beyond comprehension to Americans who cherish the religious freedoms. If Islam is left to steep in this country, it will in less than a few decades influence everything from our banking system to critical relationships with our allies around the world.

The government in the Netherlands recently collapsed as a result of that country’s support of the war in Afghanistan. Muslims effect everything the Dutch government does. Another issue for another time, but be aware that it will happen here if U.S. leaders do not face facts soon.

Just Look At A Few Of The Recent Barbaric Horrors That Have Taken Place On Our Shores.

Chicago Muslim Murders Four Family Members: Had Been Clutching Qur’an And Saying It Told Him To Kill

Saudi Man Sentenced For Keeping And Raping Slave In Colorado At sentencing, this wealthy Saudi Muslim said Homaidan Al-Turki said: “The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors.”

Saudi Slavery: Guest Worker May Lose Digits, Toes After Being Tied Up In Bathroom For A Month

People Magazine: Tales From An Arabian Nightmare

Prince’s Wife Freed On Bail In Forced Labor Case “ … a wife of Saudi Prince Mohamed Bin Turki Alsaud, Hana Al Jader, 39, was arrested at her home near Boston on charges of forced labor, domestic servitude, falsifying records, visa fraud, and harboring aliens.”

Other Cases Are Occurring Around The World.

Slavery Is A Custom Practiced Worldwide By Muslims.

New Round of Stoning in Iran – Alireza Jamshidi, the spokesman for the Office of the Judiciary, on January 11 confirmed that, “The stoning of three men at the beginning of January was executed in the city of Mashhad.”

Pew Forum: The Global Spread of Wahhabi Islam: How Great a Threat? [T] he United States faces … “Islamist terrorism” inspired by “’a long tradition of extreme intolerance within one stream of Islam” that flows through the founders of Wahhabism, the Muslim brotherhood and prominent thinkers schooled in the Salafi tradition.’”

The U.S. Government along with the mainstream media have lied to the American public repeatedly about what they know to be a seriously escalating crisis.

There are honor killings happening on U.S. soil that are either under reported or ignored altogether in most of the media.

This year after the elections, one or both houses of congress should launch a full-scale investigation on the practice of Sharia and Wahhabism in the United States, and how it effects the communities where it is most prominent. Yes, Americans regard the right to religious freedom as precious, but a religion that restricts the equally sacred religious rights and freedoms of others, is not a religion – it is a travesty.

  1. Friends that have been to Europe lately have seen a huge change.
    Like some have said, this president seems to have no allegiance to this country. when he was born in Hawaii, it wasn’t even a state yet and the rest of his background shows no love for the values this country was founded upon, so he didn’t grow up with any great love of these United States. Is it any wonder that he behaves the way he does? His hero’s and friends now and in the past are mainly Socialists & Marxists. It is no longer hearsay, they have been outed, no thanks to the mainstream media. If they had done their job before the election, he would not be our president today.

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