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In Disappearing Ink on 14/04/2010 at 06:10

While CNN, MSNBC and at times even Fox News have for years branded conservative blogs and radio as laden with whacko, extreme and even racist rhetoric, they often ignore so-called “legitimate” websites that obfuscate the truth and tweak headlines to get attention.

Media Matters and Huffington Post are now roundly recognized by honest observers as liberal front sites, but there is a relatively new website that is garnering almost no attention for its biased coverage.

Raw Story, is a hot website purporting itself as an alternative news site. On an average day the site boasts 0ver 400,000 readers, and on a “good day” it can reach more than a quarter million, say its purveyors.

This is how Raw Story describes itself:

The Raw Story is an alternative news nexus. We draw upon a panoply of news sources and select those stories we think most intriguing to an audience seeking news underplayed by the mainstream media.
At the core, our goal is to unearth and spotlight stories underplayed by the popular press, in particular those which highlight betterment and open people’s eyes to injustice throughout the world.

Pardon Moi? Open people’s eyes? Zzzzz.

Now let’s look at some recent headlines from RS:

Newly-Minted Sen. Scott Brown refuses Palin, Tea Party invite

This particular “underplayed” story was the front-page headline of the Boston Herald, and while RS includes the comma after Sarah Palin’s surname, the clear implication is that Brown snubbed a personal invitation by the former governor. The article tells a different story. It tells us what we’ve all known for months: that Scott Brown is essentially a Democrat with a red tie and a pickup truck. The accompanying photo depicts Palin with her mouth agape, insulted over Brown’s snub. Stupid Republicans that help the Left tear down their leaders should love this one.

Here are a few other “underplayed” stories from Raw News’ panoply of sources:

Tina Fey ‘announces’ the Sarah Palin television network
This one wants us to know that, surprise! Sarah Palin is a “half-term” governor, and that Tina Faye makes her look even dumber than RS already knows she is. That is certain to highlight our betterment. I feel highlighted already. And, as for Faye? In her dreams!

Bachmann’s latest invention: Obama has nationalized 51% of the economy
Pardon that dizzy broad from the land of Jesse “the Brain” Ventura for stating the obvious. Again, notice the photo.

Huckabee compares gay marriage to incest, polygamy, drug use
Another goofy picture. Huckabee has been abundantly clear on his belief that homosexuality is wrong, yet to disagree with the Left is “dangerous and stupid.” U-GO Mikey!

Russian leader gently snubs Bush: ‘Obama is a thinker’
In this one, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was undoubtedly speaking of Bush, although he never mentions his name. But talk about great thinkers, it must have taken enormous intellectual prowess to become ex-KGB chief Vladimir Putin’s puppet.

Did Kissinger allow assassinations? That’s the RS Headline; here is the actual headline:
Kissinger Rescinded Warning Against Condor Assassinations
Right! We can only wish the Nixon-Ford administrations had been bright enough to whack some of these nuts.

KKK membership growing again?
This one is from one of the “panoply of news sources” RS draws from, Think Progress.org – read Think Liberal Progress – and is specifically designed to imply that the Klan is closely connected with the Tea Party.

With the entire “mainstream” media to support it, the leftist blogosphere spends the lion share of every day spewing out propaganda bent on misleading the American public. Raw Story is just another liberal shill website filled with something that smells more like raw sewage.


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