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How Blue States Can See Red in 2010 Midterm Election

In Obamarama, The Way Far Right on 09/04/2010 at 07:00

Massachusetts is seeing a strong conservative surge since Scott Brown’s blindside win in January. Mind you, this is the state that Republicans had all but written off years ago. The GOP now has a chance to go to war in blue states as never before.

The snag in the works for the Republicans is of course the Tea Party faction. The RNC has failed to wholeheartedly embrace the grassroots movement, and Michael Steele’s relationship with them has been tepid at best, and sometimes fractious.

If the “Tea Party” has a voice nationwide it would certainly be Sarah Palin, whether by choice or de facto recognition, and one interesting tell was the former governor’s response to Sean Hannity this week, when he asked her about the rumored friction between Steele and herself.

Palin graciously threw her support behind the embattled RNC chairman – in a headline-making comment that flies in the face of most conservative leaders – but pulled up short of saying that there has not been friction between them.

“I support Michael Steele…. I think he’s doing a great job,” said Palin. “Michael Steele is an outsider. The machine, I think, is tough to penetrate… I think it’s been good to have an independent outsider trying to create some change in the Republican Party.”

The point being that the milieu between the RNC and the Tea Party is less than optimal if they want to present a cohesive front against the Democrats in the November midterms.

For the Republicans to retake the House and regain a significant presence in the Senate in November the RNC has to bend to the will of its conservative base, something one would think is a no-brainer for Michael Steele. Yet he has not, successfully at least, made the move.

If James Carville and Stanley Greenberg think the protesters have peaked too soon, they had better hang around and watch while Obama tries to ram amnesty and the European-like value-added tax (VAT) down our throats.

Those two issues alone will make ObamaCare look like a pleasant disagreement. For the first time in decades the Democrats and their shills in the media have failed to make their Pravda-style disinformation campaigns work against the “Tea Party,” but the RNC has had no such luck. The party leadership is still perceived as disconnected with a base they should own.

The RNC leadership is in tatters and it remains to be seen, in spite of Palin’s generous vote of confidence, whether Steele possesses the management skills to bring it together. It’s a big task and time is getting short.

But if Steele does survive his present woes within the Republican ranks he has but one slim chance remaining to take back Obama’s Politburo-Congress and lay the groundwork to topple his regime in 2012.

For the first time in years the Democrats are vulnerable in key races in blue and purple states such as California, where Barbara Boxer is in trouble and Nevada where Harry Reid is all but toast. But the Tea Party can be a serious hazard to an across-the board-victory.

Whoever has the RNC helm in the coming weeks must act fast to coalesce with the conservative movement. He or she must move immediately to connect with the new Tea Party Federation and hammer out a deal to gain their full support.

Then they have to wage a coordinated campaign in attacking Obama’s government, because it is his government, and expose it publically issue by issue, beginning with jobs.

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