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Palin Disses RNC Fundraiser Over Leather Bar Scandal?

In Palinography, Sarah Palin on 03/04/2010 at 08:47

The New York Daily News is reporting that Sarah Palin has asked to be removed from the guest invitations to a GOP fundraiser in New Orleans, even though, says the paper, she will be in New Orleans on the day of the event.

The former Alaskan governor’s request comes in the wake of two white-hot scandals within the ranks of the party leadership in recent days: the first was a foray to a West Hollywood bondage club which ended the party’s to cancel future Young Eagles fundraising events. The second snafu came right on the heals of the first, when an RNC fund-raising letter inadvertently led potential donors to a phone-sex line promising “hot, horny girls.”

The News adds:

Aides to Palin insisted the party’s bondage-club boo-boo – coming after reports of lavish spending by RNC Chairman Michael Steele – had nothing to do with her no-show in New Orleans. The RNC said Palin cited a schedule conflict when she pulled out Wednesday night.

While it is undeniable that the Left goes into a feeding frenzy at the slightest hint of friction between GOP honchos and Palin, there is no question that she has been noticeably snubbed since the McCain campaign ran the most disorganized campaign in decades.

First GOP turncoat Steve Schmidt circulated cowardly anonymous rumors unflattering to the Governor, and he then went public with an unprofessional “tell-all” – read lie-all – that makes Scott McClellan seem like an RNC poster boy. Sarah Palin was the only thing McCain had – or has, I might add – going for him.

It would be hard to blame Palin if she had dissed the RNC fundraiser, after Steele’s embarrassing mismanagement and the party’s deficiency in supporting her against the vicious leftwing media onslaught.

The RNC has its first bona fide rock star in forty years and they are so petrified that she may run for president that they have failed to utilize her. Bobby Jindal’s snoozer response to Barack Obama’s first address to Congress at the beginning of his term is a case in point. When the party desperately needed TV ratings to get their rebuttal out to the American people, they tapped a Southern governor no one had ever heard of to sing us to sleep, although, on second thought, Palin was probably too smart to take the gig.

Yet, Steele and the GOP leadership in Congress had no problem at all using Scott Brown, a tepid Republican at best, to deliver a weekly address, last week, and another governor no one knows, Bob McDonnell, a Ken doll from Virginia, to rebut Obama’s disgraceful State of the Union.

Here’s the bottom line on Sarah Palin. Who cares if she runs or not? She will either gain the nomination or she will not. However, what the RNC squanders in not utilizing her obvious appeal to the party’s base can cost them dearly in November. Michael Steele seems either ignorant or ambivalent to the fact that GOP polls numbers are as shameful as the Democrats, and that is a message he cannot afford to miss.


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