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Nutso Code Pinkers Try to Cuff and Arrest Carl Rove

In The Haters on 30/03/2010 at 22:44

Republican strategist Karl Rove

A mob of Code Pink activists stormed the stage and tried to put former Bush Deputy Chief of Staff and top adviser Karl Rove in handcuffs at a Beverly Hills book signing last night, eventually driving him from the stage.

The local CBS news affiliate sniped, “Karl Rove book tour starts off with a bang.” The video can be seen here.

A brief word of advice for Mr. Rove and Ann Coulter. Hire some very aggressive bodyguards and turn them loose on these scumbags. When will enough be enough?

Leftist media and universities are now openly setting the stage for attacks on freedom of any speech but their own and it has gone too far. It is one thing for a group of inbred French-Canadians to go off on Coulter; it is quite another when they get away with it repeatedly at home.

These thugs should be arrested but, since that apparently isn’t going to happen, public speakers like Rove and Coulter should take matters into their own hands. Yes, we believe in non-violent protest, but we are not freaking Gandhi.

When freedom of speech violates another’s freedom of speech it is no longer speech, it is criminal behavior. This is a very good time for conservative rights group to start filing civil rights suits against universities and other organizations that don’t assure and enforce the safety of their public speakers. Coulter met the Canadian university that suborned the actions of its mobbing students with just that.

Now Rove should take on Code Pink.

  1. I was wondering…supose whacko code pinker DID get the cuffs on carl, and was able to place him under citizens arrest…okay, then what? She arrests him for “treason”, but to what governing authority does this crazy loon deliver him? Did she even think about that? And if they would actually accept him into custody (I mean, I THINK she would assume that would be the case) because the arrest is valid….why havent they (the FBI, DEA, ICE, CIA, whoever) already arrested him? This chick is NUTS, and by her act of trying to place cuffs on an American citizen without reasonable cause Proves it. She has PROVEN she is a danger to herself and others, primarliy the “others” part. SOMEBODY please, please commit this nut to a state mental facility before she decides she is judge, jury, and executioner.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Sooner or later one of these protests is going to get violent. If I were Ann Coullter you couldn’t get me on a stage without a gun on my hip.

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