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Barney, I Swear It Wasn’t Me!

In Disappearing Ink on 27/03/2010 at 08:24

Stalwart American Hero Barney Frank

UPDATE: Pamela Geller has come up with the alleged “spitting” incident here. Outrageous how the members of the Congressional Black Caucus were treated, huh? Watch out for these guys, Tea Partiers; they will apparently go to any lengths to destroy you.

Just a ditty tonight. I’ve been preparing to come out of my cave for some speaking engagements this year and have been jamming to get the materials together. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to finish my post on the census (suggested by my good friend in Florida, Billy Burns), and also one I’ve been working on for a month, on immigration.

Get ready for a fusillade from the Lefties on the mysterious assaults, serial spittings and naughty words that tea party participants allegedly committed against the stalwart American heroes who passed ObamaCare this week. CNN wants us to know that one of their producers has corroborated the incidents in question. Well, that’s settled. Whew! For a moment I thought Barney Frank made the whole thing up. Now the CNN producer can rush right out and collect the $10,000 reward Andrew Breitbart has posted for even one confirmed report. We’re waiting. Zzzzz …

This is pure New Left. Identify an opponent, isolate them, and hurl slander until someone believes it. Whether or not someone in the Washington crowd was stupid enough to do these things doesn’t detract from the movement, anymore than Tom Haden and Abbie Hoffman made the Chicago Seven riots a prep school outing.

Keep up the good fight.

  1. So you’re saying that none of it happened, that the lawmakers are lying about the whole thing, that the CNN producer who corroborates it is lying too, and that the Capitol Police who arrested the spitter are in on the conspiracy?

    • I know it’s outlandish to think that a U.S. congressman would lie to us, but, yeah, I’m saying I don’t believe him. I wouldn’t give you an ugly Jimmy Carter dollar for the word of 95% of those traitors. Funny how CNN was out there with cameras taping everything these guys did and they can’t corroborate one N-word or any of the other allegations. What were they doing, throwing laurels at Nancy’s feet? You just passed the moron quiz, pal. The capitol police will arrest anyone on a complaint by any congressman. So will your police, if you wish to press charges. The case will never get to court.

  2. Right on, Don

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