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What’s Next? Republicans Lose Big In November

In The Wrong Right Turn on 24/03/2010 at 05:50

When Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are in the White House in 2012, their first order of business should be to fire Michael Steele and hire Ken Blackwell to head up the GOP.

In the wake of Barack Obama’s relentless blitzkrieg that forever changes the U.S. economy and ushers in a new era of nanny-state progressivism, Steele and the party he leads have made catastrophic errors. They have focused on the issue rather than the broader scheme of things. And it is now clear that they will continue to do so to their own peril through the 2010-midterm elections.

Midterm elections are virtually always bad business for incumbent parties. The electorate is jaded, fickle, and almost never happy, even when times are good. That’s the good news.

The bad news follows.

Right out of the chute Steele is parsing words on the ObamaCare repeal. Because Steele knows that he doesn’t stand the chance of a snowball in hell of rescinding that law. So why does he continue the charade?

The malfunction, it seems, runs deep within the gene pool of the GOP, the party almost always misses the substance of an issue and goes for the red, white and blue gravy of superficiality. And that is a field the Democrats own. They grasp the glittery banner of symbolism over substance and wave it high until people notice.

Republicans continue to fall into the trap and it is one reason they play as sore losers on the nightly news. They make it easy for the liberal media to portray them that way.

Steele’s party is already beginning to fragment on the health care issue. He will not keep them together on one narrow issue through November, and the results are likely to be disappointing, if not catastrophic.

Like all pathological narcissists Obama is a grandiose thinker, and, as egocentric as it is, there is a little something in it that is attractive to many Americans. He has a world of time to change the public debate. Republicans don’t seem to understand that health care is just a thread in Obama’s grand design, or that the New Left are superb guerilla fighters.

Bill O’Reilly might not get it either, but Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are good warriors and they understand that this war transcends party loyalties. While O’Reilly is blissfully unaware that Obama is a socialist – he thinks Limbaugh and the others are overstating their case – the conservative talk show hosts are leading the charge.

The health care takeover is just that. Over. Obama is getting ready to push through an amnesty bill, he is preparing to propose and pass a national value added tax (VAT), and he is getting ready to repackage and ram through a new cap-and-trade that will nationalize energy. His FCC is working to take over the media and the Internet. He won’t get it all done but look at what he did on health care in one short year.

If the Republicans plan to retake the House and Senate in 2012, they have one glimmer of hope. They must get radical, line up with as many Tea Party candidates and independents as they can and go to the trenches.

And then challenge Obama on Obama. Challenge him on his budget mess, on his plan to tax and spend his way out, and on the philosophy that got him in this mess. Challenge him on his sympathetic terrorist policy and his botch with Israel. Unveil him to the American people. If they win this battle they will rid the nation of Barack Obama. If they don’t they may not win congress in November, much less the Senate.


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