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Barack Makes A Case For Matt Damon

In Obamarama on 18/03/2010 at 05:04

Barack Obama’s responses to Fox News anchor Bret Baier’s questions today were so last year that they made a Matt Damon sound bite seem relevant. Any American who doesn’t know this guy by now deserves a round on the Gitmo waterboard.

I felt sorry for Baier. He’s catching it left and right for being too soft on the President. Charles Krauthammer called Obama’s performance a rope-a-dope and Bill O’Reilly told us he could have done better. Of course, Bill’s the only guy on the planet with a bigger mouth than Barack.

Baier clearly did all he could do.

The Democrats need to swear Babu in and send him to the floor for their next filibuster. Obama’s responses were a priceless teaching aid for kids struggling with civics courses. How To Flim Flam Chicago Style. Educated the heck out of me: I learned how to stretch a half trillion bucks: spend it twice!

Then …

Excuse Me While I’m Interrupting, Bret:

BAIER: So how can you —
OBAMA: — the notion that —
BAIER: — guarantee that they’re not going to —
OBAMA: — so but —
BAIER: — they’re going to be able to keep their doctor —
OBAMA: Bret, you’ve got to let me finish my answers
BAIER: Sir, I know you don’t like to filibuster, but —
OBAMA: Well, I’m trying to answer your question and you keep on interrupting. So let me be clear.
Now, you keep on repeating the notion that it’s one-sixth of the economy. Yes, it’s one-sixth of the economy, but we’re not transforming one-sixth of the economy all in one fell swoop. What we’re saying is that for the vast majority of people who have health care, they’re going to be able to keep it. But what we are saying is that we should have some basic protections from insurance company abuses and that in order for us to do that, we are going to have to make some changes in the status quo that we’ve been debating for a year.
This notion that this has been not transparent, that people don’t know what’s in the bill, everybody knows what’s in the bill. I sat for seven hours with —

BAIER: So you don’t buy —
OBAMA: — and in the meantime —
BAIER: — the CBO or the actuary that you can’t have it both ways?
BAIER: That you can’t spend the money twice?
OBAMA: — no, what is absolutely true and what I do agree with is that you can’t say that you are saving on Medicare and then spend the money twice. What you can say is that we are going to take these savings, put them back to make sure that seniors are getting help on the prescription drug bill instead of that money going to, for example, insurance reform, and —
BAIER: And you call this deficit neutral, but you also set aside the doctor fix, more than $200 billion. People look at this and say, how can it be deficit neutral?
OBAMA: But the — as you well know, the doctors problem, as you mentioned, the “doctors fix,” is one that has been there four years now. That wasn’t of our making, and that has nothing to do with my health care bill. If I was not proposing a health care bill, right — let’s assume that I had never proposed health care.
BAIER: But you wanted to change Washington, Mr. President. And now you’re doing it the same way.
OBAMA: Bret, let me finish my — my answers here.

Well we’re down to the line now. More than likely, by this weekend the Democrats will either have a law or Michelle can start picking out retirement furniture, because failure for Obama sticks the fork in what remains of his presidency. For me the question is, Was it worth it?


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