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A Fundamental Misunderstanding

In The American Jihad on 15/03/2010 at 07:48

Charles Krauthammer

Pamela Geller has a good post this week at Atlas Shrugs on the Right’s ignorance of the Islamic ideology. Both Geller and David Horowitz have studied Islam for years and their conclusions concur with my own research of the religion. Still, they are marked off by Right and Left alike as radical and extreme.

For the last 10 years I have waited patiently for the government to get this, and I have yet to find one mainstream official that understands the enemy we are fighting in this war. One has to wonder. When David Koresh, a complete wack job, branched off from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, at the suggestion of stockpiles of weapons and allegations of child abuse, Janet Reno had absolutely no problem going in to intrude on the church’s premises.

So we cannot conclude that this is a church and state issue. I have no idea to what degree the Justice Department or DHS are investigating US mosques, but even former DHS secretary Tom Ridge is on record as pooh-poohing the value of profiling terrorists.

The pundits are equally uninformed. I said as much about Charles Krauthammer last week, and Jonah Goldberg is no different. Washington seems at a total loss to understand, as Geller so aptly points out, that while not all Muslims engage in jihad all are sympathetic to it. Still, Goldberg can’t rationalize that we are at war with a religion.

And I am at a loss as to where a brilliant man like Dr. Krauthammer gets his information. Has he spent time studying the religion, or is he merely adhering to some sort of unwritten PC directive? Thou shalt not dog on another man’s religion … unless he’s Christian.

The Left has formed– whether consciously or otherwise – an alliance with Islam in this country. They are using a bastardized interpretation of the Constitution to propagate a myth of religious persecution that doesn’t exist here. God knows no persecution exists in the Republican Party. While various departments and politico are feeling the pressure, jihadists are switching tactics and slowly moving into a covert war on America.

Krauthammer and Goldberg and myriad others have bent over backwards to propagate the myth and it is insane. Eventually this PC lunacy is going to get Americans killed. I can suggest several good books, gentlemen.

There is absolutely no similarity between Judeo-Christian values and Islam. From its very inception this religion has preached and practiced hate and the destruction of all other religions or ideologies that disagree with it. These are its fundamental tenets and ‘weak’ or non-practicing Muslims are its first victims.

I have said this before, but at the expense of becoming tedious, here goes again: Muslims do not hate us because we are Americans; they hate us because we are not Muslim. Period.


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