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Lindseya, O, Lindseya: Lindsey Graham Breaks RINO Mold!

In The Wrong Right Turn on 13/03/2010 at 19:09

This is what I’m saying. Just when we think the Republican Party might be getting it, Lindsey Graham pops up with another one of his harebrained ‘bipartisan’ schemes.

This is an old drama with the GOP. We’ve had to put up with these scoundrels since Thomas Dewey wristed the party nomination from Robert Taft during the 1940s. Then came Eisenhower and Nixon and Gerald Ford. Even archconservative Barry Goldwater eventually went purple. Need I go on with George H.W. Bush?

Whenever you hear a Lindsey Graham or John McCain say they are Reagan Republicans, understand the code: “I rode in on Reagan’s coattails and I’ve undermined his revolution every day in office since.” I’ll use the misnomer RINO here, but these guys are true blue Republicans. What they decidedly are not are conservatives.

Whatever good Lindsey Graham has done for the cause of conservatism – and he has been on the right side of a number of issues – the damage he does just by showing up to work most days more than makes up for it.

He supported climate-change-emissions legislation (cap-and-trade), for which he was censured by the Charleston GOP, voted for TARP, totally doesn’t get Glenn Beck, and, after already signing on with the McCain-Kennedy amnesty, now is proposing a national ID card.

Who does this clown represent, Saskatchewan?

In the first place, we already have a national ID card for migrant workers – it’s called a green card. Secondly, they are not aliens – aliens either have UFOs or green cards – they are illegals.

What is perhaps scariest about Graham and his fellow RINOs is that they actually trust government. The National ID subjects every employment decision to federal government approval. That sound like something you would trust in the hands of Barack Obama? Huh?

The GOP is treading dangerously close to completely destroying what could be the greatest comeback in modern political history by stupid moves like this. If Graham and McCain and their so-called moderate cohorts continue to go purple on these vital issues they will give Republicans and independents alike good reason to stay home in November.

Lindsey Graham is on the wrong side of Guantanamo, Cap and Trade, TARP, and health care (he supports a plan that will tax health benefits); he voted to seat Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who was maybe qualified to replace Judge Judy, and he supported nationalizing the banks.

“The people that call me a RINO would call Ronald Reagan a RINO,” Graham protested to the Left’s public relations arm, the Washington Post, when questioned about his offer to the Obama administration to help close Guantanamo Bay. No, Senator, we wouldn’t. Reagan would never have closed GITMO in the first place.

It would appear that Samuel Johnson had it wrong. The last refuge of a scoundrel is not patriotism; it is hiding behind Ronald Reagan.

  1. Graham is no Reagan……and I would like to see him & McCain voted out…

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