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The War We Ignored: The Other Nuclear Option

In The Haters on 12/03/2010 at 08:50

For a year and a half, Barack Obama has relentlessly pursued his health care agenda with tedious speeches, insulting bribes, and underhanded political shenanigans, while an insane regime of Islamist zealots in Iran has moved forward with its plans to become a nuclear state.

While the administration has put this volatile situation in the Middle East on the back burner relations with the nation’s only democratic ally in the region, Israel, have become increasingly cold. This week, vice President Joe Biden traveled to Tel Aviv to assure the Israelis that the US will not tolerate a nuclear Iran.

Fact is neither Americans nor Israelis have reason to believe him.

The stakes are enormous for America if the administration does not act soon. We are long past the point of diplomatic solutions and sanctions, if they indeed ever would have worked in the first place. And now we have placed our democratic sibling Israel in a tentative and dangerous position.

The Iranian jihad has been the war America has ignored since the Ayatollah Khomeini issued his fatwa against us in 1979 during the Iran hostage crisis. They have sworn the destruction of Israel and the US, and they mean business.

Our inaction is rapidly forcing Israel into a lose-lose position. They cannot afford to sit idly by while Iran perfects nuclear capability, and if they act unilaterally that action will almost certainly result in a region-wide conflict.

Two scenarios are possible: 1) Israel can attempt to takeout Iran’s reactors, which may or may not be possible, depending on the location and depth of the installations, and 2) attack Iran’s petroleum reserves, pipelines and other energy sources, thus sidetracking them in their rush toward a nuclear option.

The Israelis have but one alternative option: a nuclear strike.

Anyone of these three scenarios could erupt in a world war. If Israel is forced to act unilaterally, virtually every nation on earth, particularly those who do business with Iran, will quickly turn on them.

America has a serious interest here when one realizes that our remaining troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan are essentially boxed in. An Israeli attack will require immediate US action to shore up the Gulf and protect our interests. In other words we will be obligated to act.

Secondly, Russia has a critical stake in Iran. Their oil agreements with the country are at stake. Not to mention that intelligence sources have long believed that Russia is integral to Iran’s nuclear success. One in four former Soviets is Muslim. If war breaks out between Israel and Iran the entire Middle East goes up. Russia is the only state within striking distance with nuclear warheads capable of hitting Israel.

The President has precious little time and few options. If Obama doesn’t act now, his pacification will result in a conflict that will make World War II look like child’s play.

  1. You’re a genius. Amazing balanced, impartial analysis of the situation. You are right, we should not tolerate nuclear armed states that threaten other states in the middle east.

  2. And you’re my new best friend!

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