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A Few Reasons Why ObamaCare is a Bad Idea

In Obamacare on 09/03/2010 at 08:31

A sprinkling of the hundreds of government agencies and departments you are funding

Liberals or even most so-called moderate Democrats never want to address cost. I received a lengthy comment over the weekend on an old ObamaCare post. The writer was articulate in laying out all of the reasons that nationalized health care is a good idea and went on to tell us Medicare has been a resounding success.

In positing his lecture de profundis the commenter pointed out the wonders of one failing government program after another without addressing the most important point. Who pays for all of these entitlements and how?

First let me say that this argument is not about health care and has never been. This argument is about freedom and a free-market economy. Government programs never work well in a free market because governments are not profit or quality motivated. Congress doesn’t have to worry about details like profit and loss as long as they can tax more to keep them afloat. Bureaucracies love to regulate you, yet they do nothing to regulate themselves.

Never have I argued that government programs don’t provide needed services. Until the odd postal worker goes, well, postal most of us receive our mail. Medicare provides seniors with a new pair of ugly bifocals every year. Amtrak usually get Mama to Des Moines to see the new grandbaby, provided the engineer isn’t smoking dope.

But private industry can provide each of these services better, cheaper and more expediently, and at a profit. Why in the world entrust our airport security to a third-generation welfare burnouts who can’t be fired, when privatized security firms can do the job better with more accountability?

My argument is and always has been that an ever-engorging centralized government is not what the Framers had in mind when they drew up the second most revered document in the history of mankind. In the end, we can have a Democratic Republic, or we can have some kind of bastardized socialist state, not both.

Tell me why, when Six Flags and Disney can make billions a year operating theme parks, that they or some other private corporation cannot not run Yellowstone at a profit? Why are my tax dollars paying the salary of some kid in a Dudley Do-Right hat to tell people about the mating habits of the Glacier Bay Water Shrew?

Why are our tax dollars subsidizing Mama’s trip to Des Moines on Amtrak, when Amtrak operates at a loss year after year? The simple answer is power. The power of government to regulate everything you do in some form or fashion. That is fine for Canada and France and England, but it is as un-American as roast pig is at a bar mitzvah.

For more than a hundred years the progressive movement in this country has been trying to Europeanize us, and with every program they gain a little more ground. Los Angeles recently enacted a slew of new gun ordinances that have literally no effect on the substantial criminal element in that town. Somewhere between 300 and 500 hundred murders are committed each year in L.A. and the city council thinks those are pretty good odds. They are, unless you happen to be one of the DOA statistics. I’m supposed to obey those laws? Let’s put it this way. In a face-to-face with one of the 85,000 gang members in L.A. County, I do not intend to be the schmuck without a gun.

Just a few reasons why ObamaCare is a bad idea.

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