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The Art of Killing, Field-dressing, and Cooking a Legacy

In Obamacare on 07/03/2010 at 09:20

Charles Krauthammer has an excellent op-ed in the Washington Post this week on Obama’s final healthcare push.

I have had long talks with God about Charles. Why did he get all the brains? I’ll have to get back to you when I get an answer.

Even the Islamic Society of North America is out in support of Obama’s megalomaniacal drive to the finish line on ObamaCare. Now the Democrats are taking a page from the Republican’s Jerry Falwell-led Moral Majority of the 1970s, and have mobilized a coalition of, what Mark Tooley has called, the ‘Evangelical Left’ to ape as the conservative heart of the U.S. religious.

As David Horowitz correctly noted in his autobiographical, Radical Son, ‘Issues are never the issue’ with the New Left. The revolution is everything.

Bob Dylan once said of his meteoric rise to fame, ‘I slipped in the … door when no one was watching, and once I was there, there was nothing they could do about me.’ And now America has finally let a true believer slip into the White House.

Bill Clinton wasn’t about to destroy his presidential legacy with an issue like nationalized health care, and – following the brilliant triangulation strategy of Dick Morris – moved to the center. It saved his presidency. If Clinton had succeeded with his health care plan, Senate Republicans would have almost certainly convicted him of lying to a federal grand jury in the Lewinski scandal. That is how unpopular this idea is to constitutional conservatives.

Universal health care has been a long sought after dream of the progressive movement. Medicare and later Medicaid were the original prototype steppingstones toward the realization of the Left’s goal to nationalize medicine. Both programs have operated hundreds of millions of dollars in the red since their inceptions, albeit Medicaid is both federally and state funded. Yet the Left always makes the point that we are the only nation in the industrialized world that does not offer national health care. Well, yes. That’s why we are America and they are not.

Healthcare is a kamikaze mission for Obama. He is willing to sacrifice not only his legacy but also his presidency if necessary to pass it. Mind you, he doesn’t believe he will sacrifice either, but that is the dedication with which he is proceeding with it. He is willing to do anything to get it.

President Obama believes that the nation will forever be in his debt for his courage in the health care fight. He is, after all, smarter than us. It is a clever strategy because the real bill does not come due until well after he will have finished his second term – knock on wood, Rahm Emanuel.

While he may succeed in destroying the U.S. insurance industry, as we know it, he will not survive politically to serve that second term. But, remember, the revolution is everything.

America is in desperate need of health insurance reform. The present condition of that industry is government created to begin with, and the government can lower premiums be getting out of the way.


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