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All That And She Cooks!

In Palinography, Sarah Palin on 05/03/2010 at 08:08

Why do you suppose Sarah Palin is so darn popular? Let’s just assume for a moment that you are one of the millions of liberal Democrats who have Sarah voodoo dolls hanging from their rearview mirrors, or one of the equally goofy Republicans who hasn’t figured out that she’s the best thing your party has seen since Reagan. Why is she so popular?

Well, if you surf the thousands of Palin blogs that have sprung up since September 2008, you will notice one underlying theme.

Sarah is like us.

Of course she is nothing of the kind. That’s her image and she shares most of the values of heartland conservatives, but that’s about where it ends.

Palin was the governor of the largest piece of real estate in the nation. She oversaw Alaska’s petroleum regulation, managed the biggest wildlife concentrations in the country, and signed the single largest line-item veto in state history (13 percent). As governor she balance the budget and cut taxes. She was a fierce predator of the career politician. The governor of Alaska has more institutional power than in any other state in the Union, save Massachusetts. The budget Palin oversaw was six-times larger than that of Bill Clinton in his last year as governor of Arkansas.

Add in that she commanded the state’s national guard and it almost sounds like executive experience. Especially in light of the fact that Barack Obama hasn’t even managed a 7-Eleven Store.

And – to those in the know – she is a dangerous adversary to her political foes.

It doesn’t take a DNC strategist to see that the former governor is bad business for Democrats. That’s why you hear comments like Juan Williams made last night on Hannity. Yes, Juan, she is attractive, but that’s not why you don’t like her. You’re petrified that she has gained so much traction in spite of the sexist barbs and attacks on her family that every pundit in the party has thrown at her for two years.

But the political landscape of Alaska is littered with opponents who have underestimated Sarah Palin. The woman is indestructible.

The current neocon wave that is sweeping the nation will leave mainline GOP leaders in its jetsam if they don’t catch a ride on Palin’s gospel train. Democrats have failed to assess the public mood. The intellectuals in both parties haven’t yet realized that they are witnessing a paradigm shift.

Palin understands it and is using it to her advantage.

Those who are so all-fired sure that Palin isn’t qualified to be president are wrong. The woman is at least as qualified as Mike Huckabee and Hillary Clinton; she is more qualified than Barack Obama, and she is the bane of both party’s left wings.

It is my guess that Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012. And that, once the electorate gets a clear look at Mitch Daniels and Mitt Romney’s preppy conservatism, and Mike Huckabee’s Republican Lite, the naysayers – faced with four more years of Obama or Hillary – will get religion.

Palin is the only true Ronald Reagan Republican on the American political scene today, and she will make a great president. Then I hope Todd runs for the Senate.

  1. RIGHT ON…..unfortunately, I still have conservative friends that think she doesn’t have any experence……..look it up people!!!

    • Well, no offense to my friends or yours still in the party, but the reason I left is that they are slow on the uptake. Richard Nixon, of all people, said that Republicans don’t pull together. Democrats do. You will never see a Dem do to member of their party what we have done to Governor Palin. Shame, shame …

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